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ST Core Prime

The Revolution of the Bicycle Saddle

ST Core Prime

The best saddle is one you cannot feel. Ergon says goodbye to seat problems: For touring cyclists the ST Core Prime combines ergonomics, pressure relief and movement support in a completely new way.

The first saddle with an ergonomic core

Ergon has elevated the design of the bicycle saddle – which has been virtually unchanged since 1960 – to a new level with the pioneering design principle of “TwinShell technology”. The result is a dynamic saddle with an ergonomic core: Two shells work independently in the sandwich design of the ST Core Prime. Between each shell is a floating high-performance foam material developed by BASF that acts as a damper. Due to the decoupling of the seat shell from the support shell, the saddle follows the cyclists natural pedalling movements in all directions. The advantages: Relief for the sit bones and perineal area, excellent vibration shock absorption, efficient pedalling ergonomics and protection of the back and spine.

  ST Core Prime from below
ST Core Prime from behind

Our innovation achieved victory right away in the first comparison test in one of the largest trade journals for touring cyclists: “AktivRadfahren” magazine gave the ST Core Prime its top mark of “Very Good” and praised it as a “Brilliant Innovator” in the 3/2018 issue. The conclusion of the complex comparison of 13 touring saddles in usage and in the laboratory was: The special construction using BASF's Infinergy material is smart and innovative. In practice, the Ergon is an awesome ride... new development, first test, victory. Well done!

Logo aktiv-rad-fahren-2018-03

“Conclusion: The special construction with the BASF Infinergy material is clever and innovative. In practice the Ergon works ingeniously and it’s perfect for short and middle distances. New development, first test, Victory. Respect!”

– Sebastian Böhm, Editor aktiv Radfahren

Ergonomic Research: Developed with the Froböse Formula

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Entwickelt nach Formel Froböse

“By doing elaborate studies and through the scientific cooperation with Ergon, we have created a wonderful product – one that numbness, paraesthesia and health related discomfort don’t stand a chance against.”

– Prof. Dr. Ingo Froböse

What exactly sets the Ergon ST Core Prime apart from other saddles? In a conventional basic design (frame rails/saddle shell/seat cushion/covering), the saddle shell assumes a dual function: It bears the load of the rider and at the same time the seat shell is a substructure for the seat cushion. It therefore must always be very rigid, which limits comfort considerably, even if additional shock absorbing elements are used.

Each Components of the ST Core Prime are shown ST Core Prime
Picture from a Saddle construction of ST Core Prime Conventional Saddle Construction

This is exactly where the Ergon developers started. The lower, very rigid supporting shell bears the load while the cushion rests on the upper flexible seat shell. The elastically shock-absorbing ergonomic core, the Ergon Core, plays a crucial role with this floating two-shell system. It isolates the cyclist from bumps and road unevenness, filters vibrations from the direct seat area and supports the natural pelvic movements.

The innovative material from BASF sets new standards in shock absorption and suspension with thousands of lightweight and highly-elastic foam particles. The high elasticity optimally compensates for roadway bumps on the seat area. As soon as the pressure impulse subsides, the saddle core returns to its original shape instantly and it remains maximally durable with minimal material weight, even under continuous load. This E-TPU foam is also used by leading manufacturers of safety and running shoes with great success.

The ST Core saddles have been optimized for touring, travel and e-bikes. All models are available as specific men’s and women’s saddles. The anatomically adapted seat surface was perfected for men and women in elaborate studies and on-road tests. Numbness and sitting discomfort are effectively prevented thanks to the large relief channel.

Saddle construction of women specific saddle Women specific
Saddle construction of men specific saddle Men specific

Optimum Comfort for Men and Women

Particularly, in the sitting area, men and women are anatomically very different. It's here that pressure peaks occur very often and easily which lead into numbness and complaints of pain. Ergon has optimized the relief surfaces on the latest saddles and tested them extensively. The results are two different shapes and relief channel / cut-outs – providing optimum riding comfort for women and men.

“The idea for the design principle with the TwinShell technology and the ergonomic core originated quite some time ago. At first, however, we could not find a suitable material on the market to make this project a reality. Now Infinergy from BASF has exceeded our expectations. I am absolutely certain that Ergon will spark a revolution in the bicycle industry with the new ST Core Prime”.

— Franc Arnold, CEO

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