Grip Choice And Use

Which Ergon gripset is best for me?

Please use the Online Grip Selector Tool to find the right grips for you: https://www.ergonbike.com/en/gripselector/

The Grip Selector will take into consideration use, bike set up, existing ailments, and so on to pinpoint the best model and size for you.

What grip size should I buy? Small or Large?

Ergon offers most models in 2 sizes: Small and Large. The Small and Large label refers to how thick or thin the grip is. There is no difference in the length or ‘wing’ size between the Small and Large.

What can I do about sore hands and numb fingers?

Often the causes are an incorrect saddle height and lack of ergonomics on the handlebars and grips. With a sitting position that puts less strain on the hands and ergonomic grips, discomfort can mostly be reduced or completely eliminated.

How do I clean my Ergon grips?

We recommend lukewarm soapy water for cleaning Ergon grips. Please do not use any harsh cleaners, as they harm the Ergon grip compound.

What should I pay attention to when using Ergon handlebar grips?

Persperation (sweat) is very aggressive – It reacts with medicinal white oils and tends to decompose rubber compounds. We therefore recommend riding with gloves whenever possible. If you cannot or do not ride with gloves, be sure to clean your Ergon grips after riding.

Is it possible to remove/add an Ergon barend or remove/add a clamp?

Sorry, it is not possible to remove the bar end and add a clamp. The interface between the Ergon grips with and without bar ends is different and not compatible. If you desire no bar ends you need to purchase a new set of Ergon grips without bar ends.

What is the difference between "GravityControl" rubber and "FactoryCustom" rubber?

Our various gravity grips use 2 different types of rubber, both which are Made in Germany and are 100% exclusive to Ergon. GravityControl rubber is found on our GA, GE and GD models. This is our do-all grip rubber. It allows us to make many vibrant colors, it’s soft and has a great feel on the trail.

Factory rubber is found on GE and GD models that have “Factory” in the model name. This is a unique rubber compound that provides previously unknown hand security and rebound characteristics. The grip is soft, but very defined and precise on the trail. Factory rubber tends to be more durable than GravityControl. The overall color appearance of Factory level grips is slightly translucent.

Ultimately, the rubber compound you choose is a personal preference based on budget and what you require out of your grips.

Are End Plugs available as spare parts

Replacement end caps are available from your local or favorite online Ergon retailer. There is also a small supply available in our US web shop: https://ergonbike.shop

Is it possible to mount a mirror with Ergon grips?

Mirrors can only be mounted with grips that have a removable end plug. For example, models within the GP Series. The mirror must be a bar-plug style the inserts into the side of the handlebar. Please double check that your handlebars will allow this style of mirror.

My grips are becoming sticky. Is this normal and should anything be done?

Several factors can cause the surface of Ergon grips to become sticky. However, this problem occurs very rarely. Please contact the Ergon retailer where you purchased your grips from for further inspection. The retailer will inspect the product for any possible material defects.

Saddle Choice And Use

Which Ergon saddle is best for me?

Please use our online saddle selector tool: https://www.ergonbike.com/en/saddle-selector.html

This online tool will quickly identify the correct Ergon model, sub-model and size best suited for your riding habits and body measurements.

Why does Ergon offer specific saddles for women and men?

Women and men have different ergonomic needs. The extent to which these differ is explained in detail on each product page: https://www.ergonbike.com/en/product.html

How do I determine the correct Ergon saddle size?

The correct saddle size is determined by measuring your sit bone width center-to-center.

This is done either at your local Ergon dealer or by using our Ergon Saddle Selector: https://ergonbike.com/en/saddle-selector.html

How (and where) can I determine my sit-bone measurement?

You can have your seat bone distance determined by your local Ergon dealer.

Alternatively, you can also use our saddle selection tool, the Ergon Saddle Selector: https://ergonbike.com/en/saddle-selector.html

Are overall saddle dimensions the most important aspect when choosing a saddle?

The selection of the correct saddle width is determined by your sit bone width center-to-center.

You can have this measured by an Ergon dealer,or you can use our Ergon Saddle Selector: https://ergonbike.com/en/saddle-selector.html

What other factors besides leg length are important for the ideal saddle height?

This is where the Ergon Fitting Box plays an important role. You can watch the following video by ergonomics expert Dr. Kim Tofaute: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g-54W0kTLSU

I have a trekking bike and a mountain bike. Can I use the same values for adjustment?

Trekking bikes and mountain bikes are relatively similar in their sitting posture. The specific uses, however, should be considered. The Fitting Box offers extensive information about these various settings: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g-54W0kTLSU

What should be considered with a full suspension bike regarding the saddle adjustment?

Full-suspension bikes have negative suspension travel, aka SAG. This value is the measurement by which suspension travel is already reduced when sitting on the bike. This means that the saddle angle and fore/aft also changes. The saddle should already have a certain downward angle when unloaded. SAG must be taken into account when mounting a saddle on full-suspension bikes.

With my saddle I get pressure in the genital area and sometimes I get numbness. What can I do?

If the saddle applies too much pressure, both the sitting position and saddle position should be checked. A more upright sitting position can reduce the pressure in the perineal area while the saddle nose can be slightly lowered to further alleviate pain. A saddle adapted to the (female and male) anatomy, of the correct width/size and with relief zone also help with sitting discomforts.

What is the difference between Gel and OrthoCell® inlays?

OrthoCell® is a special EVAC foam (a so-called Intelligent foam), which is specificaly tuned to the saddle usage requirements. OrthoCell® inlays distribute the rider's body weight accordingly. OrthoCell® also has higher durability and is more UV resistance compared to gel.

My saddle is making noise. What can I do about it?

Saddles may develop noises over time as dirt and debris is forced into the construction through use. Using a silicon based lubricant to apply to the affected area. It may be necessary to remove the saddle and clean the saddle clamp / rails if noise persists.

Please see the following third-party YouTube video for reference: https://youtu.be/vb5Jr-vXGSs

If the noise persists, please visit your local Ergon retailer for further inspection.

I have a warranty question about an Ergon product.

For warranty consideration, please present the item along with a receipt to your Ergon retailer. The retailer will inspect the product for any manufacturing defects. If the retailer suspects a defect in manufacturing, they will contact the respective Ergon warranty department in your market.

Please understand, Ergon’s 2 year limited warranty does not cover the following…

  • Normal wear and tear from daily usage.
  • Crash, impact or accident damage.
  • Incorrect installation.
  • Items purchased from non-authorized Ergon retailers or third-parties.
  • Items not accompanied by a sales receipt.
  • Items outside of the 2 year warranty window.

Saddle Dimensions

Unlike select other brands in the bike industry, Ergon does not promote overall saddle dimensions, as these numbers are not relevant and should not be used for sizing to or selecting an Ergon saddle. Overall saddle dimensions are not viable for sizing to an Ergon saddle as our sizing numbers only reference supportive spots in the saddle in relationship to rider bone structure.

With Ergon saddles, we size our saddles based on only 2 factors: intended use and center-to-center sit bone width. Once your sizing is determined, this is your size in all Ergon saddles. So, for example, if you measure M/L, this is your size in every single saddle we make.

Please use our online saddle selector: https://www.ergonbike.com/en/saddle-selector.html

The online tool is super quick and will identify the best saddle for your riding habits as well as body dimensions.

Which maximum weight does Ergon recommend?

We recommend a maximum weight of 220lbs. This is not a weight limit, but rather a maximum weight recommendation to allow the saddle materials to function as designed. Nearly all saddles in the bike industry have an ideal maximum rider weight in which the saddle materials can function at. With Ergon saddles, that weight is 220 lbs. Over 220 lbs the materials start to lose their supportive properties.

Product Assembly

How much torque (Nm) is required to tighten the grip screws properly?

The correct torque specification can be found in the manuals for all of our grips.

Instructions for use and installation can be found in the service area of our website: https://ergonbike.com/en/service.html

How do I adjust my saddle correctly?

Every Ergon saddle comes with a user manual that shows a basic starting saddle position.

In addition, we provide all manuals on our homepage in the service area (https://ergonbike.com/en/service.html).

How do I adjust my backpack correctly?

The back length of the backpack can be adjusted according to your back length.

Take a measuring tape and find the shortest distance between the upper edge of the pelvic bone and the usual point of contact of the straps on the shoulder (highest point of the shoulder). Then look for the determined value in the chart and adjust the rucksack to the assigned back length (see backpack user manual in the Ergon service area: https://ergonbike.com/en/service.html).


Where can I purchase Ergon products?

We have set up a dealer search on our website in the Service area to help you find Ergon dealers in your area.

In addition, you will find various buttons on every single product page that link to an online retailer.

Who should I contact if I have a suspected warranty claim?

In the event of a suspected warranty claim, the customer must present the product to an Ergon retailer along with the sale receipt. This dealer will then contact our warranty department regarding the suspected issue(s).

Is there crash replacement for Ergon products?

Crash Replacement is currently not offered by Ergon.

Where do I find the user manual for my Ergon product?

The current user manuals for Ergon products are available in the service area of our website: https://ergonbike.com/en/service.html

What backpack size do I need?

Our backpacks are "One size fits all", which means that the back length of the Ergon backpack is individually adjusted via our "Adaptive Fit System".

What is the advantage of using Ergon insoles?

The standard insoles in most cycling shoes are very simple and do not provide much support for the foot. A specific insole for cyclists reduces discomfort and improves the transmission of power. The transmission of power is also improved.