Made in Germany

Since our founding in 2003, we’ve developed our products in Koblenz, Germany and have worked hard to source raw materials from within our country for just as long. From 2021, we’ve been consistently expanding our initiative – realizing and presenting the first products "Made in Germany". This guarantees exceptional product quality with shorter supply chains, distances and delivery times, and with the majority of our production being virtually waste-free, we create more sustainability. Nevertheless, quality still sets the tone at Ergon and we strive to surpass the highest standards at all manufacturing stages. Development, production and sustainability – Made in Germany

Benefits – Made in Germany

  • High recycling rate Our German production almost exclusively uses recycled plastics. This conserves resources and ensures that plastic materials remain in the recycling loop.
  • Fewer plastic bags We have already saved more than one million plastic outer packaging bags. This number will increase in the coming years.
  • Less waste Thanks to state-of-the-art technology, Ergon’s production process is 95% waste-free. Our goal is 100% waste-free production.
  • Short distances Shorter transport distances also benefit the environment as the many raw materials – which have always originated in Germany – go directly into production with no detours.
  • No flights Coordination between the development team and production is easier and faster with no need for extensive air travel. This saves time while reducing CO2.

The Ergon Method

We develop our products according to the “Ergon Method” with our Ergonomics, Design and Engineering teams at the Ergon Campus in Koblenz. The first step is comprehensive research of a specific problem area. Design ideas are then implemented and developed into prototypes which are rigorously tested by professional athletes and continuously improved.

The best raw materials

We also source our raw materials entirely from Germany. These are varietal-free and recyclable. Wherever possible we also use recycled material.

Engineering know-how

We make no compromises when it comes to tool making. Our injection molds, for example, feature unprecedented precision and attention to detail and are developed and manufactured according to the highest German quality standards.

The perfect result

The final production is where all previous steps come together. The elaborate development, combined with the best raw materials and the highest engineering skills results in your Ergon product – Made in Germany.

Discover our ergonomic products made in Germany

GS Evo Series

The leader in ergonomic sport comfort grips. Without sacrificing comfort, the GS1 Evo is an evolution in comfort grips for more dynamic and sporty riding styles. Made in Germany, the GS1 Evo dramatically reduces hand discomforts associated with cycling.

GXR Series

Super light, ergonomic, performance tuned damping, 100% made in Germany: With the GXR, Ergon is breaking new ground in MTB grips for performance bikes.

Fitting Box Series

Adjust your bike to be ergonomically correct! With the Fitting Box it is easy, fast and precise – even without prior knowledge.

RM Touring Series

Full attention in all situations. The ergonomic Ergon RM Touring wide-angle mirror is optimally located in the cyclist’s field of view. The position of the mirror ensures the perfect view to the rear without having to turn the head for this. Precise markings on the mirror aid in quick and simple adjustments.


At only 140 grams, the BP100 is an ultra-lightweight back protector suitable for use in all Ergon backpacks, as well as backpacks from other manufacturers.

GP1 Evo

The original. GP grips prevent numb fingers, aching hands and forearms. The global standard in function, material and manufacturing.

  • GP1 Evo

    Touring, E-Touring, MTB-Touring, E-MTB, Fitness, City
    $ 39.95

GDH Team

The world-class downhill grips, developed with world-class athletes. Full focus on speed, maximum control, highest damping with minimum effort.