Damping Without Compromise

CORE HD® Shock Absorption

Advantages of CORE HD®

Full Surface Shock Control

Designed for allroad, gravel and road use, the Ergonomic CORE – made from BASF Infinergy® – dampens rough roads and gravel terrain. Shock and vibration are eliminated over the entire saddle surface before reaching your body and lower back for performance and comfort like never before.

Pressure Reducing Surface

Long rides over mixed terrain can cause pressure and pain in the sit bone area. The unique CORE HD® layer reduces surface pressure while the relief channel is shaped for the male anatomy to eliminate numbness, pressure, and pain.

Precise Ride Response

The Ergonomic CORE HD® sets the new benchmark in performance and comfort. The micro Infinergy® particles extremely fast reaction to shock and vibration ensures a pure performance ride feel with maximum damping and comfort.

The unique Ergonomic Core

With its innovative patented saddle construction and ergonomic core made of BASF Infinergy® embedded between the supporting shell and the upper padding of the saddle – high performance and comfort have never been consistently combined in a saddle design. Ergon has made the impossible possible for the first time. Infinergy®’s extremely fast and full-surface damping response absorbs vibrations and shocks before they reach the body and lower back. Pressure on the sit bones is reduced and the precise relief of the male anatomy prevents numbness. What remains is a pure road cycling feel. For road, gravel and everything in between, CORE HD® saddles deliver top performance, full comfort and uncompromised support.

The Saddle Revolution Featuring An Ergonomic Core

Patented Design

Ergon is the only company to utilize Infinergy® with a patented design developed to enhance the amazing properties of Infinergy® and deliver performance and comfort in a revolutionary way.

The Ergonomic Core

Individual Infinergy® beads are formed into a homogeneous lightweight structure that delivers next-level comfort, damping, and support.


Revolutionary Material

Infinergy® is the world’s first expanded thermoplastic polyurethane (E-TPU) foam and the most high-performance responsive material ever developed.

100% Comfort

Infinergy®’s excellent damping abilities absorb shock and vibration from the road or gravel surface before it reaches your body and lower back – eliminating sit bone pressure and pain for a comfortable ride.

CORE HD® Saddles for Allroad, Gravel and Road

SR Allroad Core Series

For a full road bike feeling even off the road: The Ergon Core HD® (constructed with an ergonomic core of Infinergy®) dampens without compromise, absorbs shocks, prevents seat problems – a whole new, genuine riding experience.