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SM E-Mountain Core Series

Better traction plus maximum comfort uphill: the rear ramp and our revolutionary Core 3D® technology inspire e-bikers to conquer steep terrain. Reduced numbness, proven back-friendly.

SM E-Mountain Series

Optimized for long uphill seat passages with the E-MTB. Discomfort is prevented thanks to anatomically adapted surfaces.

SM Series

This is how MTB saddle ergonomics works: seating comfort uphill, freedom of movement downhill – without feelings of numbness, without seating discomfort.

SMC Core Series

All-in-one seat comfort for MTB: no seat pressure, reduced feelings of numbness. The ingenious Core 3D® technology, with its pain-free saddle formula, makes mountain biking maximally comfortable without sacrificing technicality.

SMC Series

The comfort solution for stubborn seating problems for mountain bike riders.

SM Enduro Series

The high-end saddle from the Enduro World Series for full action with comfort. Best freedom of movement, maximum feedback in the terrain.

SM Downhill Series

Full control and maximum freedom of movement downhill. Developed with world-class athletes. 360 degree padding for ideal leg guidance.

ST Core Series

The ultimate for demanding touring riders. Superior long-distance comfort thanks to Ergon Core 3D®. Ergonomically perfected, pain-free saddle formula – proven back-friendly.

ST Gel Series

The sofa saddle for relaxed tours. Adapted to the anatomies of women and men, comfort plus through gel pads and orthopedic foam.

SC Core Series

Proven back-friendly comfort for city and touring. Ergon Core 3D®, with its unique pain-free saddle formula, relieves sitting pressure and alleviates numbness.

SR Allroad Core Series

For a full road bike feeling even off the road: The Ergon Core HD® (constructed with an ergonomic core of Infinergy®) dampens without compromise, absorbs shocks, prevents seat problems – a whole new, genuine riding experience.

SF Series

A fitness saddle for sporty and comfortable cycling. Perfect ergonomics that prevent saddle discomfort so you can easily improve your fitness and endurance. In everyday life, in your free time, on tour – experience the new SF Series.

SR Allroad Series

Adapted to the needs of modern day gravel and allroad riders, the saddles in the SR Allroad series effectively prevent numbness and pain. Whether bikepacking or gravel: the SR Allroad is the perfect saddle for you.

SR Series

Racing performance with maximum seat comfort: This new generation of saddles combines dynamics and pressure relief for more performance.

SR Tri Series

SR Tri Series Find your Power Position: Whether you ride in the front or mid position, SR Tri saddles are specially developed for performance, efficiency and comfort in the aero position. Ride with higher performance and enhanced relief on the bike and increase your advantage with a strong transition to the run!

CF Allroad Carbon Series

The Ergon leaf spring seatpost revolutionizes comfort on the road bike, all-road and gravel bike. Combining a pure road bike feeling with superior suspension on rough surfaces, the CF Allroad Carbon Series is lightweight, comfortable and maximizes rider performance.

GP Series

The original. GP grips prevent numb fingers, aching hands and forearms. The global standard in function, material and manufacturing.

GS Evo Series

The leader in ergonomic sport comfort grips. Without sacrificing comfort, the GS1 Evo is an evolution in comfort grips for more dynamic and sporty riding styles. Made in Germany, the GS1 Evo dramatically reduces hand discomforts associated with cycling.

GC Series

The bestselling winged grip especially for curved handlebars. No bending the wrist, no pain, no numb fingers.

GA Series

Dampens, relieves, and provides freedom of movement. It’s the best grip—soft rubber and, in the GA3, a mini wing for extra trail comfort.

GE Series

The very best of the Enduro World Series! Maximum performance and comfort for wide riser bars. Surest control on the roughest trails.

GD Series

The world-class downhill grips, developed with world-class athletes. Full focus on speed, maximum control, highest damping with minimum effort.

GFR Series

The freeride precision grip for your ride: extreme damping due to ribs at the top, minimal effort due to grip zone at the bottom.

GS Series

The GS Series combines high damping properties with steering precision. Comfort is ensured during long rides through strategic pressure distribution and stable wing flex.

GXR Series

Super light, ergonomic, performance tuned damping, 100% made in Germany: With the GXR, Ergon is breaking new ground in MTB grips for performance bikes.

GT Series

Introducing the GT1, the ultimate ergonomic solution for all your hand positioning needs. Our innovative multi-position comfort grip allows for four different hand positions, relieving strain on the hand, arm, shoulder, and back. Additionally, the extra-large wing provides maximum pressure distribution on the palm, taking pressure off the wrists and protecting the ulnar nerve. The thumb support feature ensures slip resistance and reduces the need for excessive gripping force. Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to perfect comfort and stability on even the longest tours. Your hands will thank you.

BA Hip Pack Series

This small ergonomic space miracle has room for tools, technology and more – sitting securely on the hips to relieve the shoulders.

BA E Series

The space miracle for E-MTBs. With battery compartment for double range. Including back protector. Exact fit individually adjustable.

BA Series

A spacious miracle for all off-road disciplines. Individually adjustable for a perfect fit. For every size. For every storage requirement.

BP Series

Less risk, more fun! Effective back protection with enough room for the essentials. Optimal for the bike park. Also fits under the jersey.

Fitting Box Series

Adjust your bike to be ergonomically correct! With the Fitting Box it is easy, fast and precise – even without prior knowledge.

TP1 Series

The perfect tool for precise and easy cleat adjustment. The ergonomically correct foot position increases performance and comfort.

HM/HE Series

Precise grip, braking and shifting on any trail. Ergonomically optimized for All-Mountain, Enduro and Gravity. Fits like a glove.

IP Solestar Series

More comfort, more performance, less discomfort. The IP Solestar optimally stabilizes the biomechanics of the foot for professional cyclists and touring riders. Developed with the insole specialist, Solestar.

PT Serie

The ergonomic pedal for demanding touring riders. Increased comfort, better power transmission and less discomfort over long distances and with everyday shoes.

BT Series

The comfort and performance plus for Road, Allroad and Gravel. Specific handlebar tapes deliver outstanding damping, excellent pressure distribution and improved hand comfort.

CRT Arm Pads for Profile Design® Series

Full focus on the race. The Ergon CRT Arm Pads for Profile Design® help to maintain the perfect aero position for many hours during time trials and triathlons.

RM Touring Series

Full attention in all situations. The ergonomic Ergon RM Touring wide-angle mirror is optimally located in the cyclist’s field of view. The position of the mirror ensures the perfect view to the rear without having to turn the head for this. Precise markings on the mirror aid in quick and simple adjustments.