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About Us

The “Deutsches Eck“ in Coblenz.

Koblenz is the home of Ergon.
We create German Innovation.

How We Feel

At Ergon, we are all cyclists and we think like cyclists.

We are passionate, innovative, problem-solving tech enthusiasts, who are constantly curious.

We live and breathe cycling.

An Ergon employee mounting an GE1 grip at his bike.
A bike is pushed through the corridors at Ergon headquarters.
A Designer‘s looking through a book.
A few Ergon employees during a biketour in the mountains.
Franc Arnold, CEO during a meeting with two of his employees.

How We Think And Work

Our mission statement creates a strong circle of trust. This motivates our employees to take personal responsibility in their work, as well as encourage teamwork and cooperation.

A Designer scetching out a few ideas for a new saddle.
Fabien Barel during a meeting with a few Ergon employees.
A package from Ergon getting prepared for shipping.
An employee working on a new prototype for packaging.
A group of Ergon emplyees posing for a photo.