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About Us

Koblenz is the home of Ergon.
We create German Innovation.

Das Deutsche Eck in Koblenz

How We Feel

At Ergon, we are all cyclists and we think like cyclists.

We are passionate, innovative, problem-solving tech enthusiasts, who are constantly curious.

We live and breathe cycling.

How We Think And Work

Our mission statement creates a strong circle of trust. This motivates our employees to take personal responsibility in their work, as well as encourage teamwork and cooperation.

  • Ergon Meilensteine

    „Ergon products are ambitious, sophisticated, ingenious and beautiful. Most of all, they need to have soul.“

    Franc Arnold, CEO

  • MP1, WP1


    The first and original ergonomic winged grip. More than two million sold worldwide.

  • BD1


    A two-part backpack system utilizing the Flink® Ball Joint, which allows for an ergonomic shift of pack load from the shoulders onto the hips.

  • CR1, CM1


    Carbon leaf spring seat post. A simple and genius vibration damping design that ensures maximum comfort and produces a smoother ride experience.

  • TP1


    T he first tool for easy, precise, and optimal ergonomic placement of pedal cleats on cycling shoes.

  • PC2


    The touring pedal redefined. Designed for the biomechanical needs of riders who are not using clipless pedals.

  • SM3


    The first saddle by Ergon. An innovative shell concept with defined flex and anatomically positioned voids filled with specially developed EVA foam padding for the sit bones.

  • CX2 Custom Cockpit


    Full integration of the stem, handlebar, grips, brake and shifter mounts into one carbon component. The fully custom product was produced for two-time XC World Champion, Irina Kalentieva, for use at the 2012 Olympic Games.

  • SR2 BioComp Concept


    A design study by the Ergon GreenLab Initiative. The saddle shell construction is made of innovative and sustainable natural fiber composites.

  • RC10 eRocker


    Intuitive handling, ergonomic rotary rocker switch with integrated control unit, developed for e-bikes.

  • Saddle Selector


    A specially developed online tool which allows a cyclist to choose the correct Ergon saddle model and size based on their biomechanical statistics.

  • 3D Sit Dimension


    A quick, easy, and reliable measuring tool which determines the precise width of the rider’s sit bones.

  • Fitting Box


    A revolutionary and compact bike fitting tool kit for the professional adjustment of the bike at home or on the road.

  • GD1


    The first gravity-grip with a tapered shape and a unique in Germany produced rubber compound.