Jenny Tough

Ergon Factory Rider

Matthew hails from Christchurch, New Zealand, where he has lived pretty much his whole life. He was introduced to two wheels at a young age and rode motorcycles for a few years before transitioning to focus on soccer. At age 11, Matthew turned the focus to riding mountain bikes. At first it was just a bunch of messing around and hitting dirt jumps with his friends. Always searching for a constant feeling of progression, Matthew dipped into racing to challenge himself...and the rest is history!

Jenny Tough
Date of birth:
All-terrain bikepacking racing and adventures
Country of origin:
Canada & Scotland
Notable accomplishments:
Silk Road Mountain Race – 1st place
Atlas Mountain Race – 1st place
Silk Road Mountain Race – 1st place
Transatlantic Way Race – 2nd place
Life motto:
Be brave

About Ergon Products

In ultra endurance cycling, bike comfort is the difference between finishing and scratching. In the past, I've had serious issues with handlebar palsy (loss of feeling/movement in some fingers!) as well as saddle sores, and I now take my handlebar and saddle comfort extremely seriously! Ergon products have a wealth of design history and experience behind them, giving me confidence I'm going to last long days and nights on the bike.”