GXR Circular

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GXR Circular

  • Sustainably made in Germany
  • Super light and ergonomic
  • AirCell-Rubber for unrivalled cushioning comfort
The GXR Circular embodies sustainability at its finest. It is made entirely of AirCell rubber, which we collected and recycled during colour changes or test runs in our regular GXR production line. With our GreenLab Circular project, we save materials, prioritise reuse, and lessen the load on the environment. And all of this comes with the verified GXR quality from Ergon: stripped down to the basics and precisely what cross-country riders and lightweight racers desire. The GXR Circular Grip is light, safe and grippy, absorbs all impacts and fits the hand ergonomically. Made from AirCell-Rubber, the GXR Circular is the first sustainable and truly ergonomic grip. It is manufactured in Germany using a unique process and is super light without clamping or an inner core. Ergon is defining another new chapter in MTB grips and the environment with this product. 100% made in Germany.
Price $ 24.95 (Without VAT**)

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Technical Specifications

GXR Circular
All-Mountain/Trail, Cross-Country/Marathon
80 g*
One Size
AirCell-Rubber – Made in Germany
32 mm
10 g*
$ 24.95 (Without VAT**)

*Weights may vary in production. Weight per pair. **Price can vary by country.


What goes around, comes around Grip production completely rethought

We founded the GreenLab sustainability initiative back in 2010. With GreenLab Circular, it has now evolved and focuses on material cycles, with recycling and waste reduction at the forefront of our mission.

GreenLab-Logo on GXR-Combound-Photo

Circular - production, use, return, recycle Ergon will take back used GXR Circular grips.

When your GXR Circular grips have reached the end of their lifespan, you can give them back to Ergon directly at specialist shops or events. If your local bicycle store needs help, just tell them to keep the returned grips and to pass them on to our sales representatives next time they visit. Afterwards, we will recycle them.

Cyrcle: Production, Use, Return, Recycle.

100 % MADE IN GERMANY Completely new manufacturing method

The Ergon GXR is entirely manufactured in Germany, using 100% German materials and production methods. We developed a distinctive manufacturing process for our new cross-country grip, which features expanded Ergon rubber granulate certified by SGS.

ERGONOMIC THANKS TO AIRCELL-RUBBER Micro air bubbles make the difference

The GXR brings together lightweight design and authentic ergonomics in a single product. Using a novel manufacturing technique, Ergon AirCell-Rubber is shaped into a grip that is ergonomically tailored to the hand, particularly for use in mountain biking. The exceptional AirCell-Rubber, rich in numerous micro air bubbles, boasts outstanding shock-absorbing features, being exceptionally lightweight, flexible and SGS-certified for harmful substances. Conventional lightweight foam grips are limited in design because they are moulded in one piece, compared with the ergonomic GXR grips. Due to this, ergonomic shaping and coordinated surface zones for the functional areas of the hand are not possible. As a result, bike handling is poorer, leading to earlier fatigue. However, with the GXR, you can maintain control of your lightweight bike at all times.


Without an inner core or clamp, we've lowered the weight to 90 grams (size small, including end plugs). If you're seeking to transform your cross-country bike into a lightweight rocket without sacrificing grip, control, or ergonomics, Ergon grips are the ideal option.


Special surfaces for each area of the hand

A good grip on MTB handlebars requires surface textures that meet high demands and offer control on rough terrain. The GXR's surfaces match the different areas of the hand to create a perfect fit, ensuring control during cross-country rides.

Extra-Grip at your Fingertips

To handle highly technical track features, you need to have a firm grip on the handlebars. The GXR bike has a reinforced lower area that provides maximum grip for the fingertips.