GXR Team

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GXR Teamlaser red

  • Made in Germany
  • Super light and ergonomic
  • AirCell-Rubber for unparalleled cushioning and comfort
Thinner, lighter, faster. Reduced to the essentials, the Ergon GXR Team does exactly what cross-country riders and racers desire: absorb shock, offer a secure grip, extremely lightweight, and an ergonomic fit. The GXR Team is a further refinement of the first truly ergonomic lightweight grip made of AirCell Rubber, the GXR. The team version was developed and ridden by professionals on the World Cup circuit and is now available for everyone. Offered in fast-paced neon colors the GXR Team is thinner, lighter and faster than the GXR. Utilizing a new and unique manufacturing process, the GXR Team is the first ergonomic lightweight grip made of AirCell Rubber. Super light, no clamp, no inner core, 100% made in Germany – the Ergon GXR Team defines a new chapter in lightweight MTB grips.
Price $ 24.95 (Without VAT**)

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Technical Specifications

GXR Team
All-Mountain/Trail, Cross-Country/Marathon
65 g*
Laser Red
AirCell-Rubber – Made in Germany
30 mm
10 g*
$ 24.95 (Without VAT**)

*Weights may vary in production. Weight per pair. **Price can vary by country.


100 % Made In Germany Completely new manufacturing process

The Ergon GXR is 100% made in Germany. From development to the material to the production – the entire manufacturing process takes place in Germany. For the GXR, we have created a unique manufacturing process in Germany utilizing an expanded TÜV-certified Ergon rubber compound.

TÜV-certified Ergon rubber granulate – Made in Germany

Aircell-rubber is Ergonomic Micro air bubbles make the difference

The first time in a lightweight MTB grip, the GXR combines lightweight construction and ergonomics. Utilizing a new production process, Ergon AirCell-Rubber is formed into a grip that is both ergonomic and tuned to the demands of mountain biking. The high-quality and unique AirCell-Rubber, with its countless micro air bubbles, provide very high damping, offer a soft feel and reduce grip weight. Conventional foam grips are pressed and formed in a mold. This process significantly limits design. Ergonomic shaping is not possible or is it possible to coordinated surface texture zones for the functional areas of the hand. These shortcoming lead to earlier rider fatigue and poor bike handling. With the ergonomic GXR you have your race bike under control at all times.

GXR-Griffmaterial AirCell-Rubber

First choice for race bikes No clamp, no inner core

With no inner core or clamp, we have managed to reduce the weight to 75 grams (including end plugs) 15 grams less then the normal GXR. If you want to turn your cross-country bike into a lightweight race rocket without sacrificing grip, control and ergonomics, you can do it with the GXR Team

GXR grip body without inner core and inner clamping


Game changer

MTB courses and routes are becoming increasingly demanding. There is also a trend towards downcountry, where longer travel lightweight full suspension bikes are used for racing and faster backcountry pursuits . Traditionally bikes with a focus on lightweight construction usually do not offer optimum ergonomics and control. This is where the Ergon GXR Team becomes the game changer on today’s mountain bike cockpits: ergonomics enhanced, reduces discomfort and provides the necessary grip to control the bike in any situation.

The team version of the GRX

Special textures for every zone of the hand

In a MTB grip outstanding grip feel includes not only the ergonomic design but also surface textures. The surfaces of the GXR Team are adapted and tuned to the different areas of the hand. The GXR Team fits perfect in the hand when it comes to the fastest MTB mission.

The surfaces of the GXR are adapted to the different functional areas of the hand

Extra grip at the fingertips

For extremely technical singletrack, 100% grip on the handlebar is required. The texture is aggressive on the GXR Team grips where the fingertips must grip firmly.

Reinforced gripping zones at the lower end of the GXR