GA3 Supernova

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GA3 Supernova

  • Perfect operation of the high beam
  • Miniwing Ergonomics
  • Grip rubber made in Germany
Ergon partners with Supernova to create an ergonomic and sleek design to control your bike light. The design allows you to keep your hands on the handlebars and easily switch your bike lights on and off whenever needed. The switch for your lights is constructed within the Ergon grip clamp and can be used with Supernova M99 series and the new MINI 2 PRO. This control is perfectly integrated within the clamp of the Ergon GA3 grip. (High beam switch not included with the GA3 Supernova.)
Price $ 39.95 (Without VAT**)


  • Golden Badge
    Gold in the "Grips" category

    – MTB-News User Award 2024

    The lightweight Ergon equally offers high comfort and trail-ready control. Supports sufficiently thanks to the cleverly shaped, minimally elastic platform, but is not annoying in action.

    – 30.05.22

  • emtb NEWS
    The familiar little wings of the GA3 are another useful feature to reduce specific stress of the hands when e-biking. We were amazed at the far-reaching, general reduction of fatigue on long distances with the e-bike.

    – EMTB-News 18.03.22

    Equally provides high comfort and trail-ready control.

    – MountainBIKE 04/22, 13 out of 15 pts.

Technical Specifications

GA3 Supernova
All-Mountain/Trail, E-MTB, MTB-Touring, Cross-Country/Marathon, Fitness
GravityControl Rubber
GA3 Nylon Clamps + 2× Nylon Clamps for Supernova remote high beam control button
$ 39.95 (Without VAT**)

**Price can vary by country.


Intuitive Ergonomic, elegant, secure

Being able to control your bike light while keeping your hands on the bars not only maintains an ergonomic position but it also enhances ride safety. „The cooperation with Ergon was very successful. The result is an elegant and at the same time very ergonomic solution for operating the Supernova high beam,“ says Marcus Wallmeyer, CEO of Supernova, the specialist for bicycle headlights. (High beam switch not included with the GA3 Supernova)

Due to the ergonomic integration into the handle clamp of the Ergon GA3 Supernova the high beam switch is easy and safe to operate.

Flexible Wide range of mounting options

Depending on your individual preference, you can mount the high beam switch on either grip with the option of four different positions. Above or below, right or left – you decide!

The Ergon handle GA3 Supernova has 4 different mounting options for the high beam button.

Exclusive Grip rubber made in Germany

The material of the Ergon grips meets the highest quality standards, is TÜV-certified, durable and unique worldwide. The UV-stable rubber compound of the GA3 Supernova is developed and manufactured exclusively for Ergon in Germany. Ergon prides themselves in ergonomics, product design and engineering, all made in Germany.

SGS TÜV Saar: schadstoffgeprüft

Interior clamping One screw – lots of space

The Ergon GA3 Supernova’s internal clamp leaves ample space even with a wide grip.

The inner aluminium clamps of the Ergon GA3 Supernova leave generous space even with a wide grip.

Inner core Optimal damping

The wall thickness of the inner core is varied in thickness. The precisely calculated diameters provides specific damping and comfort based on gripping force.

Ergon handle GA3 with butted inner core.


The mini-wing relieves the wrist

The Ergon GA3 offers you both wrist support and a slim diameter for gripping control. Ergonomically, if the wrist is bent too much, the carpal tunnel can become compressed and cause unwanted discomforts such as burning pain within the hands and forearms. The winged grip provides a solution of supporting the wrist in a more neutral position. By correcting the hand position, the carpal tunnel is relieved and pain is prevented.

If the wrist is bent too much when biking, the carpal tunnel can be compressed.

Enhanced grip texture

The grip texture of the GA3 has been enhanced by matching the layout more closely to the hand. This allows better control by decreases the need for more gripping force.

The GA3-grip from Ergon with texture adapted to the hand.

Two sizes – for more control

For proper ergonomics and control, different grip diameters are needed tot match different hand sizes. Ergon offers many grips in the sizes „Small“ and „Large“, including the GA3 Supernova. The difference refers to the grip diameter. A larger hand needs a thicker grip, while a smaller hand needs a thinner grip. For hand sizes 6.5–8.5 we recommend size Small, for 8.5–10.5 we recommend size Large.

The GA3 is available in Small and Large. For hand (glove) sizes 6.5 – 8.5 we recommend size Small, for 8.5 – 10.5 size Large.