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GA2 FATrisky red

  • For large hands
  • Extra damping
  • Rubber made in Germany
The GA2 Fat is the big brother of the popular GA2 all-mountain grip, and is a perfect solution for riders with larger hands or riders who simply prefer more grip in hand. The GA2 Fat also provides more cushioning, offering better control, more comfort, and therefore more riding fun!
Price $ 29.95 (Without VAT**)

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  • Golden Badge
    Gold in the "Grips" category

    – MTB-News User Award 2024

  • MountainBIKE
    Very ergonomic, quite voluminous grip with smooth and well cushioning rubber compound; wet grip is also good.

    – MountainBIKE 06/21

    Ergonomic handle that provides more contact surface.

    – MyBike 04/21

  • bike
    Grips extremely securely and with little effort. Their soft rubber mixture gives the palm and fingers a lot of grip in combination with the profile. An extra portion of rubber on the upper side absorbs shocks very effectively without making the grip spongy.

    – bike 12/2018

  • bike
    Trotz großer Hände vertraute ich bisher lieber auf dünne Griffe. Obwohl ich immer wieder mit tauben Fingern zu kämpfen hatte, hatte ich ein gutes Gefühl dabei. Doch dicker scheint in diesem Fall besser zu sein. Die tauben Finger sind mit den GA2 Fat passé.

    – 08/2019

    […] The thicker rubber material provides increased damping, and the wider circumference noticeably reduces hand fatigue […] This creates an excellent connection to the bike even for large hands. I definitely mount these grips on my bike at home!

    – 10/2019

Technical Specifications

All-Mountain/Trail, E-MTB, MTB-Touring, Cross-Country/Marathon
135 g*
One Size
Risky Red
GravityControl Rubber
Aluminium, Black Anodized
$ 29.95 (Without VAT**)

*Weights may vary in production. Weight per pair. **Price can vary by country.


Gripping ease

Ergon matches the demands of riders for more grip in hand for their GA series. The GA2 Fat not only benefits riders with larger hands, it’s also a great grip for those who prefer more grip in hand. All of the benefits of the GA2 are achieved with the added benefits of a larger diameter and a greater ability to dampen vibrations. This allows the rider to lessen their gripping forces.

Grip comparison – diameter Ergon GA2-, GA2-Fat grip.

Nerve relief

When mountain biking, a good portion of the rider’s pressure rests on the handlebars. Over time this can compress nerves within the hand and cause discomfort, pain or numbness. The design of the GA2 allows the rider to rest their hand in a wider position, counteracting the common discomforts of a tight, narrow grip.

Hand on Ergon GA2 grip, which protects the nerve tracts of the hand.

Excellent grip

The priorities of high quality materials is one of Ergon’s core values. The soft, durable and pure German rubber with specific texture layout offers a great deal of comfort and control on the bike. With an internal clamp, more space is available for a wider grip. The GA2 provides an ergonomic texture layout and vibration damping while reducing gripping strain.

Ergon GA2 grip with excellent grip texture.


Ergon-Program The GA2 Fat is the result of your feedback

“Dear Ergon Team, why don’t you try to make grips for my large hands?” – “Great grip, does it come in a bigger size?” You asked for it, we did it. Your feedback on our GA2 grip inspired us to create a thicker version.

GA2, GA2 Fat, Comparison of the grip diameter

Exclusive Quality Grip rubber Made in Germany

The material used in Ergon grips meets the highest quality purity standards, is TÜV-certified, durable and absolutely unique in the world of cycling grips. Developed without filler and using medical grade white oil as the only plasticizer. The UV-resistant rubber compound has been developed and is manufactured exclusively for Ergon in Germany. Ergonomics, product design and engineering – all Made in Germany.

TÜV certified grip rubber.

Inner Clamp Internal clamp

The internal aluminum clamp of the GA2 series leaves ample space for a wide gripping style.

Ergon GA2 grip with internal aluminium clamp.

Inner Core Tapered wall thickness

The wall thickness of the inner core is tapered, meaning it proceeds with different, precisely calculated diameters to optimize the damping comfort of the grips.

Ergon GA2 grip with butted inner core.