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Sascha Bamberg springt mit seinem Bike über einen umgestürtzen Baum.

Madeira—The Treasure in the Atlantic

For many years, Madeira was an undiscovered pearl in the mountain bike world. Sascha Bamberg, aka Bam Hill, can call the wonderful Flower-Island his second home and gives us a guided tour through his large playground.

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Flowy jungle trails, steep and physical full speed downhill, or urban assualts—Madeira has something for every mountain bikers heart.

Sightseeing on the Descent

Madeira has more to offer than its trails. The different varieties of nature are amazing. With an area of approximately 750km² it’s not a big island, but you can find spectacular views overlooking the sea, rugged mountain views, or beautiful flora.

Stage One: Flowy Jungle

We start with the Sandokan trail, which was named after the familiar Sandokan Enduro Race. It starts approx. 1500m high above the sea and snakes itself through wild vegetation-tunnels and is absolutely rocking from top to bottom. But be careful, sometimes a wild group of cows, which still have a great life on the island, will jump out in front of you.

Poncha wird in ein Glas gegossen. Im Hintergrund stehen mehrere bereits gefüllte Gläser.
Round 1 of Poncha in the Crime Scene is the go-to refreshment.

Stage Two: Full Speed Downhill

The downhill track in Ponta do Pargo comes next. Years ago a big fire burned down almost all trees in the area. A landscape filled with fern, which grows like a weed was left behind. The track, built by local hero Emanuel Pombo, offers a lot of speed and many wicked jumps.

Die Crew stößt mit einigen Gläsern Poncho an.
Time for the next round of Poncha with the crew.

Stage Three: Steep & Physical

The party goes on with the Red Line above Prazeres. The locals from Bikulture built a steep zig-zag berm trail as an alternative to the good old flow trail. Here you will need some style and technique, grab the front brake and surf the berms on the front wheel.

Bam Hill‘s sitting on a large pillar, bike in hand, overlooking the ocean.
Bam Hill enjoys the view before the last stage.
Bam Hill riding on steep small harbour wall.

Stage Four: Urban Zig Zag

The last stage throws us down a steep footpath to the sea. For those who still have some rubber left on their tires, they can burn down the trail and enjoy a drink at the sea.