GA3 The MTB Comfort Grip with Miniwing

More support with more comfort

Why not combine the best? With the GA3, the winged grip has proven its genius to the All-Moun- tain world. The special thing about the GP1’s off-road cousin is, he locks on tight with a lightweight inner clamp. The concept combines all the relief bene ts of the wing and actively supports your wrist. Your freedom of movement and the accompanying bike control remains fully intact. Riding pleasure guaranteed!

What exactly are the benefits of the wings on the grips?

The longer a ride is, the harder it is for a rider to maintain the ergonomically correct hand position on the bike. As a result riders often bend their wrists too much, stressing nerves, tendons and inhibiting blood circulation. Numbness and pain in your hands are often the undesirable consequences. The GA3 grip optimizes the hand position through the Miniwings and prevents over-bending in your wrist.

Schematic illustration of a hand gripping a standard MTB grip without wings. The wrist is strongly bent. The carpal tunnel nerve is pinched – shown in red.
The problem: An overly bent wrist results in pinching of the carpal tunnel, which can lead to severe discomfort in your hands and lower arms.
Schematic illustration of a hand gripping the Ergon GA3 MTB grip. The wrist position is corrected due to the wing’s additional support. The carpal tunnel nerve is fully relieved – shown in green.
The solution: Ergonomic grips correct the hand’s position, relieving the carpal tunnel. This effectively prevents pain, numb hands and tingling fingers.

Less effort more comfort

The GA3 with Miniwing is based on the well-established and proven design of the MTB-specific GA2 grips. The particular shape of the grips provides you with great comfort and grip, without compromising the freedom of movement. This allows you to have all the control you need to tackle the most demanding of trails with full confidence.

As an ergonomically perfected expansion of the GA-series by Ergon, the primary purpose GA3 grips is to provide relief out in the trail - but they don’t only work perfectly for the MTB category, but also on fitness-oriented and urban bikes.

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Ergon product designer Juan Jimenez explains the design and function of the GA3.


The ergonomic winged-grip GA3 is available in five striking colours. Ergon grips won’t just feel great, they’ll always match perfectly with your bike.

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