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GA2 Fat

More grip and more damping

The GA2 Fat

More grip for larger hands

You asked, we stepped up—the GA2 Fat MTB handlebar grip. With its larger circumference, the All-Mountain grip appeals to all MTB riders with big hands. The desire for more damping power is also satisfied, and with less stress on your hand, the GA2 Fat promises better control of your bike and more comfort.

Feedback out of the Box

“A slightly thicker GA2 would be even better for my massive hands.”
“Great grip, can you make it fatter?”
“Dear Ergon-Team, make some grips for my paws.”

A new product was born.

A schematic showing the differences between the diameter of the GA2 Fat (3.5 cm) and the regular GA2 (3.2 cm).

The GA2 grip for riders with big hands. According to the motto "never change a running system", our product developers considered ways to optimize the GA2 MTB handlebar grip.

The result is outstanding. The core of the GA2 Fat has remained unchanged compared to its slimmer GA2. The outside diameter has increased. The increase resulted from more rubber, which has raised the comfort again significantly.

Vergleich zwischen GA2 Fat und GA2 in einer Drauf- und Seitenansicht.

The textures of the GA2 Fat MTB Grips are the same as the original GA2 and help to prevent forearm problems, arm pump and numb hands.


The GA2 Fat performs with excellent grip - the super-soft, durable rubber compound is made exclusively for Ergon in Germany! It ensures optimum control even on demanding trails. The inner aluminum clamps offer generous space even with a wide grip.

Low tightening torques on carbon handlebars ensure maximum stability.

The replaceable end plug is also brand new. With this update, wear and tear or impact damage can be replaced quickly and easily.

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