Sam Pilgrim

Ergon Factory Rider

Sam is a professional freeride mountain biker from the UK who specializes in freeride mountain biking with Slopestyle being the focus. Sam has stepped back from contest riding these days but you can still bump into him at a few different events around the world. Sam’s focus now is heavily on YouTube and he is aiming to make fun inspiring videos that make his viewers happy and stoked to get out and ride!

Sam Pilgrim
Date of birth:
Country of origin:
Notable accomplishments:
2013 FMB World Champion
Life motto:
YOLO. (you only live once)

About Ergon Products

I ride all the Ergon saddles, I can’t believe how good they are. If I had to pick one though it would be the SM Enduro saddle, pure comfort and and amazing style!

My favorite saddle is the SM Enduro because its lightweight and most importantly the comfort is very high, now days I spend more time on my enduro bikes so its important to have a proper seat to sit on whilst pedaling around! Go get one and then you’ll agree!