Rémy Métailler

Ergon Factory Rider

Frenchman, Remy Metailler, calls British Columbia home and focuses on riding the best trails all over the world and sharing his adventures to get people stoked on progression and riding bikes. Remy loves going downhill, hates going uphill, and spends more times in the air than on the ground.

Rémy Métailler
Date of birth:
Country of origin:
Mountain Biking, but as little uphill as possible
Notable accomplishments:
4 times Red Bull Rampage Athlete
Whistler and Squamish Shredits
multiple new lines and gap opened all over the world
Life motto:
Hard work always pays off.

About Ergon Products

I love the ergonomic shape of the saddles and grips. The products have been designed with us the riders and answers our problems so we can ride better, longer.