Alban Lakata

Ergon Factory Rider

Alban was born in the mountains – and that’s where he belong. The mountains give him strength and orientation as he pursues mountain biking with the greatest passion. In his early years, Alban subordinated a lot to the sport and lived only for it. Now, as a father of two children, he is looking for a homogeneous basis that reconciles professional sport and family life. The path he’s chosen seems to be the right one.

Alban Lakata
Team Bulls
Date of birth:
Country of origin:
Notable accomplishments:
3× MTB Marathon World Champion (2010, 2015, 2017)
2× MTB Marathon European Champion (2008, 2013)
8× Austrian Champion
3× winner and course record holder of the “Leadville Trail 100 MTB”
Life motto:
From nothing nothing comes.

About Ergon Products

The gloves are extremely smooth, lightweight and breathable. You can also easily operate the smartphone and bike computer with them.

The saddle is very comfortable and gives my pelvis the support it needs for long races and training rides on the bike.

The small wing of the GA3 acts like a shock absorber for my hands. Shocks are absorbed, thereby sparing my wrist. I’ve been riding with Ergon grips for many years now and don’t want to miss them.