Nate Hills

Ergon Factory Rider

Nate started racing bicycles in 2003. First specializing in DH and later continuing to XC before finding his true love in Enduro. Racing brought him the amazing opportunity to travel the world, experience culture and meet many people who have become some of his best friends to this day. As Nate’s full-time racing career was winding down, he transitioned into creating content and inspiring others through recording his adventures, before it was trendy to do so. For the last 9 years Nate has become a “content athlete”, traveling and sharing his cycling experiences with his audience. While he still races for fun on occasion, being able to reach an audience that the bike industry couldn’t was where he chose to focus his time. Nate now travels and shoots video all over the world, while trying to inspire others to get out and ride bicycles in beautiful places. As for the future, Nate‘s goals are to travel to and ride in as many different locations as possible and to also inspire as many people as possible to give this sport a try. What a wild ride it’s been!

Nate Hills
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Let your riding do the talking.

About Ergon Products

I spend way too much time on my bike. Some might call it “overtraining”, but I’m not really training for anything right now… If my contact points feel good, I can keep riding forever. It’s that simple. The best products are those that which you don’t need to worry about, they just work seamlessly. This is why I have worked with Ergon for so long.”