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SM E-Mountain Core Series

Better traction plus maximum comfort uphill: the rear ramp and our revolutionary Core 3D® technology inspire e-bikers to conquer steep terrain. Reduced numbness, proven back-friendly.

SM E-Mountain Series

Optimized for long uphill seat passages with the E-MTB. Discomfort is prevented thanks to anatomically adapted surfaces.

SM Series

This is how MTB saddle ergonomics works: seating comfort uphill, freedom of movement downhill – without feelings of numbness, without seating discomfort.

SMC Core Series

All-in-one seat comfort for MTB: no seat pressure, reduced feelings of numbness. The ingenious Core 3D® technology, with its pain-free saddle formula, makes mountain biking maximally comfortable without sacrificing technicality.

SMC Series

The comfort solution for stubborn seating problems for mountain bike riders.

SM Enduro Series

The high-end saddle from the Enduro World Series for full action with comfort. Best freedom of movement, maximum feedback in the terrain.

SM Downhill Series

Full control and maximum freedom of movement downhill. Developed with world-class athletes. 360 degree padding for ideal leg guidance.

ST Core Series

The ultimate for demanding touring riders. Superior long-distance comfort thanks to Ergon Core 3D®. Ergonomically perfected, pain-free saddle formula – proven back-friendly.

ST Gel Series

The sofa saddle for relaxed tours. Adapted to the anatomies of women and men, comfort plus through gel pads and orthopedic foam.

SC Core Series

Proven back-friendly comfort for city and touring. Ergon Core 3D®, with its unique pain-free saddle formula, relieves sitting pressure and alleviates numbness.

SR Allroad Core Series

For a full road bike feeling even off the road: The Ergon Core HD® (constructed with an ergonomic core of Infinergy®) dampens without compromise, absorbs shocks, prevents seat problems – a whole new, genuine riding experience.

SF Series

A fitness saddle for sporty and comfortable cycling. Perfect ergonomics that prevent saddle discomfort so you can easily improve your fitness and endurance. In everyday life, in your free time, on tour – experience the new SF Series.

SR Series

Racing performance with maximum seat comfort: This new generation of saddles combines dynamics and pressure relief for more performance.