Jonas Deichmann

Ergon Factory Rider

Jonas lives a life of adventure, pushing the limits and sharing inspiring stories from around the world. He was the first and only person to have set cycling records for all three major continental crossings and is a multiple world record holder. The mindset and motivational techniques behind his challenges are the subject of my lecture series, which Jonas has shared with audiences around the globe. The adventurous lifestyle of his early years shaped his ambition to explore the world and take on new challenges.

Jonas Deichmann
Jonas Deichmann Adventures
Date of birth:
Country of origin:
Gravel, Road, Triathlon
Notable accomplishments:
2023 – Trans America Twice Trip
2020/21 – Triathlon around the world (120x Ironman)
2020 – First triathlon around Germany
2019 – Record Cape to Cape
2018 – Record Pan Americana
2017 – World records fastest Europe and Eurasia crossing
Life motto:
Life is too short for cycling the flats.

About Ergon Products

I have ridden the SR Allroad Core Pro Men so far 15,000 km under extreme conditions. In my winter crossing of Russia I cycled up to 250 km a day. The saddle is perfect for long distance and gravel use, extremely comfortable even after many hours. What I like most is that after 10 hours in the saddle, I get on my bike the next day and don’t feel that I cycled the day before.