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Radon Factory Downhill Team

Radon Factory Downhill Team

Radon Factory Downhill Team

With Manon Carpenter and Johannes Fischbach, the Radon Factory Downhill Team has assembled one of the strongest downhill teams on the DH scene. The World Cup DH podium is the goal for 2017!

  • Manon Carpenter

    Manon Carpenter (Wales)

    Radon’s fresh talent from Wales—At only 23 years of age she can already look back at a DH World Championship title as well as an overall DH World Cup series title.

  • Johannes Fischbach

    Johannes Fischbach (Deutschland)

    Germany’s most explosive DH rider—In 2013, Johannes finished 9th at the UCI DH World Championships and won the iXS European Downhill Cup in 2015.

  • Faustin Figaret

    Faustin Figaret (Frankreich)

    Radon’s French Connection—Big things to come from Faustin Figaret after finishing 9th place at the DH World Cup in Lourdes in his first season with the Radon team.

  • Raphaela Richter

    Raphaela Richter (Deutschland)

    Young and fast—Raphaela Richter made a name for herself on the enduro circuit, now she wants to show off that talent on the downhill courses.

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Radon Swoop 200 Team

The Radon Swoop 200 Team is equipped with Ergon SMD2 saddles and GD1 grips. Maximum freedom of movement over the saddle and precise control with the grips allow the Radon members maximum speed and control of the bike.