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Transition FMD Factory Racing

Transition FMD Racing


True to the motto “Practice makes perfect, if you want to become a champion” the dream team consist of four young and talented riders. Born in 2009, the team lead by Tahnée Seagrave and her brother Kaos, achived many top results and titles.

  • Thannée Seagrave

    Tahnée Seagrave (England)

    Tahnée may only be 20 years old, but when she is at full speed, she make many seasoned professionals seem old and slow. Born in England, raised in Morzine, France, she has what it takes to race onto the podium in the DH World.

  • Kaos Seagrave

    Kaos Seagrave (England)

    Kaos may always be in the shadow of his big sister, but that doesn’t bother him. Showing his style by throwing big whips, it shows that he just loves riding his bike.

  • Jamie Edmonson

    Jamie Edmonson (England)

    Jamie has to wait until 2018 to join the World Cup circuit, but he is already training hard with UK legend, Ben Cathro. Right now he just has to keep training and learning from the other teammates.

  • Joe Parfitt

    Joe Parfitt (England)

    Since Joe was allowed to travel with the family to the European Downhill Cup in Schladming, he has tasted success and continues to push the limits with Kaos to get on the podium of the junior class.

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