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Find your recommended Ergon saddle.

SM Enduro Comp Men stealth / oil-slick

You want to shred like the pros? Want the optimal mix of comfort and freedom of movement? Then let us introduce the SM Enduro Comp Men. Developed with world-class professionals from the Enduro World Series, it lets you master every line at full speed. With the it’s narrow seated surface and padded edges, you get perfect feedback from the trail. Ride with feeling - the SM Enduro Comp Men takes your trail skills to a whole new level.
Price $ 99.95(Without VAT**)
€ 99,95(With VAT**)

Technical Specifications

SM Enduro Comp Men
MTB, Gravity, Enduro
245 g*
Nylon Composite
Orthopedic AirCell Foam
Side Flanks
Edge Protection
$ 99.95(Without VAT**)
€ 99,95(With VAT**)

*Weights may vary in production. **Price can vary by country.

Developed in the Enduro World Series

EWS – the toughest proving grounds in the world.

For many years Ergon has been involved as an official partner of the Enduro World Series, working closely with the world’s best riders and teams. Their compiled feedback lead to the development of the new Ergon SM Enduro Men. Masterminding the development process was legendary gravity Downhill rider Fab Barel:

“In Enduro the riders and their equipment are challenged to their full potential. The saddle is in direct contact to the bike and therefore to the ground – besides seating, it is just as crucial to handling and directing the bike. In cooperation with Ergon we developed a pure-bred race saddle, taking into consideration all aspects of the modern Enduro sport – including an outstanding comfort.”

— Fab Barel, 3× Downhill World Champion, Team Enduro World Champion, Ergon Factory Rider

100% Gravity/Enduro Race

  1. Slim, flat overall shape for maximum freedom of movement in challenging terrain.
  2. Relief channel specifically tailored to the male anatomy.
  3. 360° all-around padding for an even better bike control.
Design: Slim, flat overall shape, 360° all-around padding and a relief channel for the male anatomy

The Sensitive Nervous System

The deep channel relieves the perineal area, blood flow and oxygen supply are not restricted – mostly the cause of numbness and other impairments.

With men numbness when biking most often occurs due to high pressure in the sensitive perineal area. The external genitals are usually not the cause for discomfort because they can yield and are generally not compressed by bone structures.

The right Size

The shape and size of the saddle must match the sit bone width of the rider to maximize comfort and enjoyment.

The pelvic bone has a unique V-shaped and the saddle must offer the sit bones a large contact surface with the ability to meet the demand of different sitting positions. Various saddle widths are offered so that the usable seat surface corresponds to the riders unique sit bone distance.

The more forward and aggressive the rider sits, the further forward the sit bones contact the saddle.

Small/Medium: 9–12 cm; Medium/Large: 12–16 cm