IP Touring Solestar

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IP Touring Solestar

  • More performance
  • More comfort
  • Also suitable for walking
Misalignment of the feet can significantly limit the enjoyment of cycling. With the IP Touring Solestar, Ergon offers all touring riders a significant gain in comfort, especially when covering longer distances. The patented stabilization delta keeps the foot in an ergonomic position, prevents discomfort and optimally transfers leg power to the pedal. Efficiency is maximized with a grippy surface made of nylon fabric. Finely ground walnut shells in the 3D foam padding aid in a keeping the feet cool. The insole shell, made of fiberglass composite, enhances pedaling efficiency. The IP Touring Solestar was developed with the internationally renowned insole specialist Solestar.
Price $ 49.95 (Without VAT**)
€ 49,95 (With VAT**)

Technical Specifications

IP Touring Solestar
Touring, Fitness, E-MTB, City
Top Layer
Robust surface made of natural fiber fabric
EVA foam with portion from ground walnut shells
Glass Fiber Composite
$ 49.95 (Without VAT**)
€ 49,95 (With VAT**)

**Price can vary by country.


The foot must be stabilized when cycling

The foot and ankle must allow extremely complex movements in everyday life and sports. 26 bones, 33 joints and more than 100 ligaments are responsible for this. However, when it comes to movement during cycling, this mobility is rather disadvantageous and prevents optimal power transmission to the pedal. Everyday or outdoor shoes often used for touring and trekking do not stabilize the foot on typical platform pedals. The lack of optimal alignment of the foot-knee-hip axis often causes discomfort in the feet and/or knees. With the ergonomic IP Touring Solestar insole Ergon solves these problems.

The foot and ankle must allow for extremely complex movements in everyday life and sports.

Patented Stabilization Delta

The patented Solestar Stabilization Delta of the IP Touring Solestar keeps the foot in a natural neutral position and prevents inward and outward movements. The big toe base joint is lowered, the outer edge of the forefoot is raised, the ankle joint is supported - more power, greater comfort and better efficiency are the result.

The patented Solestar stabilization delta of the IP Touring Solestar

Optimal support

Whether a professional on a road bike or a recreational touring/trekking rider, all cyclists need stability in the foot. Stability is especially needed in loose fitting shoes with a soft sole, which are usually worn on leisure tours without clipless pedals. The Ergon insoles provide the necessary support and stability. On longer rides, optimal support is a decisive factor for overall comfort. Equally important, when off the bike, comfortable walking is possible with the IP Touring Solestar.

The IP Touring Solestar optimizes the kick

Ergonomics well thought out 

Feet naturally move inward and outward under load (pronation/supination). On the bike, however, these movements are biomechanically and ergonomically disadvantageous: loss of strength, strain on ligaments, tendons and joints are the consequences. The IP Touring Solestar effectively prevents these movements and keep the feet stable and enables comfortable, relaxed cycling.

The IP Touring Solestar stabilizes the foot.

No burning feet, no tingling toes 

Many bikers are familiar with burning feet, unpleasant tingling or pain between the toes and knee problems. These discomforts often cloud the fun of cycling and cost valuable time in competition. The Ergon insoles can significantly reduce these discomforts.

The IP Pro Touring counteracts burning feet.


Three Layers for Power and Comfort Special materials complement each other perfectly

The IP Pro Solestar is constructed from three layers of different materials that complement each other perfectly. The robust surface is made of non-slip nylon fabric, at the bottom the stabilization shell made of fiberglass composite and ensures effective power transmission, and in the middle the 3-D padding is made of closed-cell orthopedic EVA foam which guarantees optimum cushioning.

he IP Touring Solestar is constructed of three layers of different materials

Ecologically Refined to a High Standard Antibacterial padding with finely ground walnut shells

Sustainability is a high priority at Ergon. Under the "GreenLab" initiative, we use the most environmentally friendly materials possible in the development of our products. For example, the orthopedic 3D foam padding of the IP Touring Solestar contains finely ground walnut shells. This valuable natural product gives the EVA material an ecologically high-quality finish and at the same time ensures a pleasant foot temperature. The antibacterial, closed cell material prevents the penetration of sweat, germs, bacteria and fungi from getting into the sole and resulting in a unpleasant odor. It also creates a hygienic-pleasant feeling on the foot.

The IP Touring Solestar was developed under the Greenlab initiative

Renowned Worldwide Professionals swear by Solestar cycling insoles 

Ergon has developed the IP Pro together with the renowned insole specialist Solestar. Solestar has established itself internationally in professional cycling for years with its cycling insoles and is the supplier of numerous world-class cyclists and professional teams. Touring and trekking riders can now also benefit from this technology with insoles specifically designed for them.

The IP Touring Solestar was developed together with the renowned insole specialist Solestar