IP3 Solestar

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Technical Specifications

IP3 Solestar
Road, Allroad/Gravel/Cyclocross, Cross-Country/Marathon, Fitness, E-MTB
90 g*
All Bike Shoes
Antibacterial Carbon Mesh
Orthopedic EVA Foam
Glass Fiber Composite
Stabilisation Delta, antibacterial Carbon Mesh
$ 59.95 (Without VAT**)
€ 49,95 (With VAT**)

*Weights may vary in production. Weighted size 40/41. **Price can vary by country.


Patented stabilization design

The patented Solestar stabilization design keeps the foot in a neutral pedaling position, preventing the foot from rolling inward or outward. This means: The metatarsophalangeal joint of the big toe is lowered (1), the outer edge of the forefoot is raised (2), the ankle joint is supported (3) – resulting in more control, more comfort and better performance.

Full speed ahead

Many cyclists believe that you cannot have both comfort of the foot and the best possible power transfer. This is not the case. The stiffest shoe is of little use if it places the foot in an incorrect positions and results in discomfort with every pedal stroke. This pain response will decrease the maximal power transfer. The foot is a power center that can only transfer its full power in an ideal position. The IP3 supports this perfectly.

The IP3 Solestar provides better power transmission and more comfort on the pedal.

Optimal step

Efficient power transfer while cycling requires foot stability. While mountain biking or road cycling, our insoles reduce rotation in the ankle joint. This ensures an optimal position for power transfer through the pedal stroke. The IP3 gives additional support even in a typical casual style mountain bike shoe with a soft sole.

The IP3 Solestar offers the foot more stability.

Ergonomic Approach

Feet naturally move inwards and outwards under stress (pronation/supination). On a bicycle, however, these movements are biomechanically and ergonomically disadvantageous. This movement causes a loss of strength, adds strain on the ligaments, tendons and joints. The IP3 effectively prevents this and keeps the feet stable.

The IP3 Solestar offers the foot more stability.


Perfect complement

Three layer sole structure

The IP3 is constructed of three layers of different materials that structurally complement each other. The surface area is made of antibacterial carbon fabric, the bottom stabilization shell is made of fibre-reinforced plastic that ensures effective power transmission, and the middle layer is a 3-D padding made of closed-cell EVA foam that guarantees optimum damping.

The IP3 Solestar is constructed of three layers of different materials.


Professionals swear by Solestar cycling insoles

Ergon has developed the IP3 together with the renowned insole specialist Solestar. Solestar has established itself worldwide in professional cycling with its cycling shoe insoles and is the supplier of numerous professional cyclists and teams.



Hygienic approach

The IP3 also has a hygienic approach with its surface area being made of an antibacterial carbon fabric. This fabric supports the best possible hygienic foot climate, even during the longest cycling tours.


    “Already on the first long ride with the soles you feel that your feet are much more relaxed at the end.”

    – RADWELT – Das ADFC-Magazin 02/2019

  • RoadBIKE
    “An important factor for more comfort!”

    – RoadBIKE 08/2017

  • world of mtb
    “Each turn of the pedal can be converted one to one into propulsion – and that without complaint.”

    – world of mtb 08/2017

    “The IP3 is also great as an upgrade for soft flat pedal shoes, so they won’t bend around the pedal anymore.”

    – Gravity 05-06/2017

  • RoadBIKE
    “Robust design, fits in almost any shoe, effectively supports the arch of the foot and distributes occurring pressure peaks.”

    – RoadBIKE 01/2017

  • TOUR
    “Supports and guides the foot very well…”

    – TOUR 12/2016

  • aktivRadfahren
    “Complaint free: Via the patented stabilisation delta, the IP3 insoles bring the foot into a natural neutral position.”

    – aktivRadfahren, Gesundheits-Special


  • “The foot is an extremely fragile and unstable element. With the help of the patented stabilisation delta, it is held in the neutral position. This eliminates pain, the power is effectively transferred to the pedal and the driving pleasure is increased.”
    —Oliver Eisenbach, Sport Scientist and Solestar Developer
  • “Burning and aching feet are finally a thing of the past. Due to the perfect stabilization of the foot, every step acts directly on the pedal”
    —Alban Lakata, three-time MTB marathon world champion, about the IP3 Solestar insoles