RM Touring

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RM Touring

  • Increased safety on the road thanks to wide-angle field of vision
  • Ergonomically positioned, effortless view to the rear
  • Made in Germany: Developed and manufactured with Busch + Müller
The Ergon RM Touring is essential for safe cycling. Our ergonomic rear-view mirror is designed to provide you with a clear view of the traffic behind you without having to move your head. This makes it easier to glance over your shoulder and keep your bike under control in all situations. The RM Touring rearview mirror also reduces the blind spot and allows you to accurately estimate the speed and distance of vehicles before turning or overtaking. At only 100 grams, the RM Touring is lightweight and proudly "Made in Germany" by Ergon and Busch + Müller.
Price $ 39.95 (Without VAT**)

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Technical Specifications

RM Touring
Touring, E-Touring, City
100 g*
One Size
Mirror Arm
Nylon Composite
Clamping cone for clamping inside the handlebar end
Grips with open ends and without bar ends fits with handlebar inner diameters: 17.2 - 22.0 mm
$ 39.95 (Without VAT**)

*Weights may vary in production. **Price can vary by country.


Reduce danger in road traffic

In 2021, an alarming 70% of bicycle accidents in Germany involved cars*. The hustle and bustle of city traffic often conceals potential dangers that are hard to detect and often recognized too late. Electric cars are also nearly silent, making them even harder to detect. A high-quality rearview mirror, however, can make a significant contribution to safety and driving comfort. It serves as an early warning system when turning or changing lanes, so you don't have to constantly turn your head. This allows you to better assess the traffic situation and take quicker action. Without a rear-view mirror, relying on shoulder vision may lead to you accidentally veering into another lane. (*Source: Value Guarantee)

Two cyclists on a road

Everything in sight

The Ergon RM Touring rear view mirror is ergonomically designed to offer an intuitive and comfortable view behind you. Strategically placed 10 cm above the handlebar, it allows you to check your surroundings without turning your head. This distinguishes itself from many conventional rear-view mirrors. You can adjust the mirror to your seating position, and its stability means you won't have to constantly readjust your view while riding.

Graphic representing the field of vision with the Ergon RM Touring

Easy adjustments

You can effortlessly personalize the RM Touring to your optimum field of view. The mirror arm and housing feature markings, which allows you to easily locate the most ergonomically suitable placement. The instructions guide you through the entire process.

Graphic highlighting the markings on the Ergon RM Touring housing


Clever 180-degree Folding Function Tight spaces

The RM Touring boasts a retractable mirror arm that locks into place at 180 degrees, making it perfect for tight parking spots and simple transport on a bus, train, or car. Plus, the recessed grip ensures that your individual setting of the mirror remains unchanged. Make parking easier and protect your bike from potential damage with this innovative feature!

This graphic illustrates with arrows the possibility of folding the Ergon RM Touring

Made in germany Developed together with Busch + Müller

In close collaboration with Busch + Müller, Ergon developed the RM Touring, which was entirely manufactured in Germany. Busch + Müller, a renowned German company, is known for their innovative and top-quality bicycle lighting and accessories. Moreover, Busch + Müller is a leader in the production of bicycle rearview mirrors. Ecological production processes and environmentally friendly manufacturing are part of their corporate philosophy.

Logo Busch+Müller

SGS Certified High standards in quality and safety

The RM Touring has been awarded certification by the esteemed SGS, an internationally recognized testing and certification body. It has passed rigorous tests and inspection procedures to guarantee its highest quality standards, with no hazardous materials used in the production.


Protection Through Safety Glass Robust and shatterproof

For added security, the RM Touring is equipped with robust safety glass. In the event of a fall or collision, this type of glass does not break as easily as conventional glass. If it does break, it shatters into small, dull pieces instead of sharp, hazardous shards that could cause lacerations. Furthermore, safety glass is more resistant to everyday bumps and scrapes.

Close-up view Ergon RM Touring

Versatile And Compatible Suitable for numerous bicycle handlebars

The RM Touring is compatible with handlebars that have an inner diameter of 17.2 to 22 millimeters and an open left side after removing the handlebar end cap. It is attached using a clamping cone on the left end of the handlebar. Note, the Ergon rear view mirror is not approved for S-pedelecs, nor is it suitable for MTB use, strongly curved handlebars, drop bars, or for mounted on the right side of the handlebar.

Ergon RM Touring mounted on bicycle

Stylish Safety Design and function in perfect harmony

The RM Touring not only provides an important safety feature for your bike, but also boasts an aesthetically pleasing design. We prioritize ensuring the mirror is seamlessly incorporated into the overall appearance of your bike.

Product image Ergon RM Touring