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  • Optimized foot position and aligned leg axis
  • Improved power transfer
  • Long-distance comfort
Better pressure distribution along the foot, better grip, and better power transfer: The PT pedal is packed with many ergonomic highlights for the demanding Touring rider. The optimized bio mechanics prevents discomfort when pedaling, reduces fatigue and provides long-distance comfort even with everyday shoes. The comfort effect extends over the entire leg axis all the way to the back. This is why the PT is the only pedal to have been awarded the coveted seal of quality of the Campaign for Healthier Backs (Aktion Gesunder Rücken e.V.).Thanks to the ergonomic shape, inner stop and grippy surface, the feet naturally remain in an ideal position on the pedals.
L (from 43)
S (up to 42)
Price $ 49.95 (Without VAT**)


  • Elektro Rad Empfehlung 7/2023
    The Ergon PT is completely convincing and pleases with an excellent price-performance ratio.

    – Radfahren 07/23

  • AGR Siegel
    Ergon's new ergonomic helpers provide improved foot alignment so back problems and pain can be avoided.

    – AGR aktuell_01/23

  • Abendzeitung
    A model that stands out.

    – Abendzeitung München_28.02.23

Technical Specifications

Touring, Fitness, E-Touring, City
L (from 43)
fiberglass Reinforced Nyloncomposite
$ 49.95 (Without VAT**)

**Price can vary by country.


The problem zone: foot and pedal

Many riders pay little or no attention to the interaction between the feet and pedals. The foot placement ergonomics is usually sub-optimal. This can result in various problems:

When pedaling, the leg axis (ankle/knee/hip) is often not aligned, the knees move too far out. The result? Knee pain, especially during longer rides. In the long term, a poorly adjusted leg axis and the resulting bad postures can also lead to pain in the pelvis and lower back.

Leg power is not optimally transferred to the pedal via the foot. As a result, fatigue occurs faster.

Foot on PT Pedal

The solution to the problem

Ergon has extensively and scientifically analyzed the disadvantages of conventional pedals and the resulting complaints. Taking into account the overall ergonomics of cycling, a completely new ergonomic pedal for the touring and fitness riders* has been developed, which solves the known problems and increases the riding enjoyment.

PT Pedal

S-Shape for the ideal foot position

We have deliberately modeled the PT pedal on the natural shape of the foot and sole. The unique S-shape makes it easy to find the optimal foot position on the pedal.

The S-shape of the PT Pedal

Optimized power transmission

The ergonomic shape along with the inner stop supports the natural central alignment of the foot on the pedal. The pronounced inner stop positions the foot close to the crank so that the leg power is optimized for propulsion.

The inner stop of the PT Pedal

Available in 2 sizes

The Ergon pedal comes in 2 different sizes (Small and Large) to ensure maximum surface pressure distribution with everyday shoes. This prevents uncomfortable pressure points even for large feet.

The PT pedal is available in two sizes, Small and Large

Better power transmission

Ergon designers have pulled the basic shape of the pedal away from the center axis – and for a good reason. Bio mechanical analyses show that leg power is transferred to the pedal in the best possible way, even when the feet are positioned centrally.

Basic shape of the PT pedal pulled out of the central axis

Grip and non-slip

A high-quality pedal must be non-slip. The particularly grippy surface of the Ergon PT (Griptape on both sides) prevents unwanted movements during the ride and keeps the foot in the correct position.

PT Pedal with anti-slip surface

Seal of Quality: Good for the back

It is not uncommon for incorrect foot alignment to cause back problems when cycling. Ergon has carefully analyzed leg movement and the ergonomic benefits of the PT pedal have been certified as back-friendly. AGR (Aktion Gesunder Rücken e.V.) has awarded the PT the coveted seal of approval.

AGR seal of approval


Lightweight and Durable Fiberglass reinforced plastic body

The pedal body of the Ergon PT is made of fiberglass reinforced plastic. Due to a high percentage of glass fibers, the pedal is lightweight, robust and has a long service life.

The pedal body of the PT Pedal

Safely On The Road Integrated reflectors

Safety is not neglected either. The integrated yellow Cateye® reflectors comply with the Road Traffic Licensing Regulations (StVZO) and are highly visible in the dark.

The reflectors of the PT Pedal

Rounded Off No hard edges

The edges of the Ergon PT pedal are rounded. In addition to the particularly grippy and non-slip grip tape surfaces on both sides, this is another feature to keep the risk of injury as low.

The rounded edges of the PT pedal

An Eye For Design Aesthetic design

Ergon puts function and ergonomics in the foreground – but also strive for good visual design. The PT pedal was given an aesthetic, integrative and slim design that blends well with the look of the bike.

The PT Pedal with aesthetic, integrative design

Supports Up To 396 Lbs. Elegant and robust

The profile of the Ergon PT pedal is flat, elegant and very robust. The PT pedal is approved and tested up to a load of 396 lbs. (rider incl. clothing and luggage).

The PT pedal is approved and tested up to a load of 369 lbs