TP1 Speedplay®

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TP1 Speedplay®

Correctly installed cleats are noticeable from the first ride with the rider experiencing more power, more comfort, and more efficiency. The Ergon TP1 allows for the accurate adjustment of the three axis which are important when installing cleats: fore/aft position, the stance (Q-Factor), and foot angle. While pedaling, leg power is transformed over your feet into propulsion. Therefore the right position of the feet is of the utmost importance, as it determines performance and comfort. The TP1 is the first tool for the precise and easy adjustment of cycling cleats. It is used by many professional teams and bike-fitting specialists around the world.
Price $ 29.95 (Without VAT**)

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  • Radfahren
    Significantly simplifies the adjustment of the Cleat.

    – Radfahren 03/22

    Simplifies the symmetrical alignment of the cleats. Starting from a neutral basic position, the tool helps to find and gradually adjust the individual best setting.

    – MountainBIKE 06/22

  • Tour
    Used by many fitters. With it, the plates can always be adjusted the same way – highly recommended.

    – TOUR 03/2017

  • mountainbike
    The TP1 Cleat-Tool makes it easier to find the correct cleat position and is also helpful when transferring the setting to a second pair of shoes.

    – MountainBIKE 11/2017

Technical Specifications

TP1 Speedplay®
Road, Allroad/Gravel/Cyclocross
One Size
Shoe Size
Tech. Polypropylene
$ 29.95 (Without VAT**)

**Price can vary by country.


Precise ergonomics

When cycling, the power of the legs is directly transferred through the pedals with each revolution. The placement of the pedals plays a decisive role in the power transfer efficiency. The ball of the foot must be positioned exactly above the axis of the pedal. Additionally, when viewing from directly in front of the rider or behind, the placement of the pedal should form a line from the axis of the pedal to the knee to the hip.

For the best possible propulsion the axis pedal-knee-hip-joint (viewed from the front or the back) should also form a line. With the Ergon TP1 the adjustment is perfect.

Three main orientations

The TP1 makes specifically orientating your cleats simple by following three basic adjustments. The first being the adjustment of the longitudinal orientation, next the Q-factor, and finally (excluding Speeedplay pedals) is the foot angle. All steps are explained in detail in the included manual and comprise the main guide to ergonomically positioning your cleats.

The Ergon TP1 offers settings for longitudinal orientation, Q-factor (distance of the feet to the bottom bracket) and foot angle

Comfort leads to performance

Many cyclists still believe that your feet cannot be both comfortable and produce the best possible power transmission. This is a misconception. The stiffest carbon sole is of little use if discomfort prevents maximum pressure on the pedal with every pedal stroke. The foot is a power center that can only develop its full power in an ideal, comfortable position.

The foot is the power center for full power and should therefore be in the correct position. The Ergon TP1 helps you to find the ideal position of the cleats on your cycling shoes

No more burning feet

Our TP1 Cleat Tool effectively helps you to avoid incorrectly applied loads. Numb and burning feet are the most common complaints that can quickly take away the fun of cycling. A misaligned cleat placement can also be partly responsible for knee, hip or back pain.

The correct cleat setting can prevent numb and burning feet as well as knee and back complaints. With the Ergon TP1 this works perfectly


Completely individual The right position for every cyclist

Not only is every foot different, every cycling shoe also has a slightly different design. No matter which shoe you choose, the TP1 allows you to customize the cleats to fit your specific needs.

Saves time and worry New shoes fitted in a flash

Every cyclist knows that once you buy new cycling shoes, the cleats have to be precisely mounted. It’s very rare that done without any guidance, the fit is perfect on the first try. With the TP1 Cleat Tool you not only save time, but gain a pace of mind with a proper set up right away. This also allows you to easily transfer the fit from old shoes to the new ones.

The choice of professionals Bike fitters and top riders rely on the TP1

Not only do recreational riders appreciate the ease of using the TP1, professional teams and bike fitting specialists from all over the world have also relied on this tool for many years.

Easily explained Our manual makes it easy for you

The included manual provides easy step by step instructions to find the ideal cleat placement. The TP1 fits all shoe sizes and is available for five different pedal systems.