SM Downhill Pro Titanium

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SM Downhill Pro Titanium

  • The high end saddle for downhill superstars.
  • Developed during the DH World Cup.
  • Full freedom of movement. Full control.
The downhill superstars of the World Cup require the perfect saddle: super compact, maximum tire clearance, strategically placed anti-slip zones, all-round 360º padding for leg protection and guidance and unbreakable solid titanium rails. Developed in close cooperation with our DH World Cup athletes, the Ergon SM Downhill Pro Titanium hits all these marks. The saddle design follows the typical sloping DH saddle position and for the short uphills with we have comfortably padded the seat.
Price $ 149.95 (Without VAT**)

Technical Specifications

SM Downhill Pro Titanium
Length: 236 mm
Width: 120 mm
205 g*
One Size
Nylon Composite
Solid Titanium
Microfiber with Anti-Slip
360° Edge Padding
max. load
264 lbs
$ 149.95 (Without VAT**)

*Weights may vary in production. **Price can vary by country.


Minimalist and Compact Full control and freedom of movement

In tough terrain and during jumps, full freedom of movement over the saddle is essential. We have designed the SM Downhill Pro Titanium to be minimalist and compact (23.6 x 12 cm). This enhances rider control, speed and safety to a whole new level.

The Ergon SM Downhill Pro Titanium Team has a minimalist compact design

360° Padding Edge padding supports bike control

The 360º edge padding of the SM Downhill Pro Titanium supports the best possible leg guidance for controlling the bike and gives maximum protection. Unpleasant bruises on the inside of the legs are reduced by the padding.

The Ergon SM Downhill Pro Titanium with 360 degree padding all around

Seated Comfort Plus Grip Anti-slip surface with anti-slip zones

The well padded saddle has two anti-slip surface zones. Downhill riders enjoy the necessary comfort and grip during short pedaling transfers.

The Ergon SM Downhill Pro Titanium with anti-slip seat

Maximum Tire Clearance Ideal for small 29er frames

The rear of the SM Downhill Pro Titanium is designed short and flat to give the tire enough space when the rear suspension is fully compressed. Even on small 29er frames with a low saddle position, the recess in the saddle keeps the tire from contacting the saddle.

The Ergon SM Downhill Pro Titanium Team is particularly short and flat designed

Elegant and Unique Strong in the air

The surface design is adapted to the sloping orientation of a downhill saddle. „Always downhill“ is the motto here – to control in steep, technical terrain and in the air.

The Ergon SM Downhill Pro Titanium is adapted to the angled orientation of a downhill saddle

Perfect Fit One size fits all downhill adventures

One size fits all. The SM Downhill Pro Titanium is unlike any other Ergon saddle. The saddle is not made for prolonged sitting, but rather for the perfect control of the bike on the race track and in the air. Different widths and gender-specific cutouts are not necessary.

The Ergon SM Downhill Pro Titanium has one size

Stand Out in the Crowd Eye catching graphics

The SM Downhill Pro Titanium visually stands out in the crowd. From the prototype to early testing in the World Cup, we have adopted stunning graphics for the production Team Edition model.

The Ergon SM Downhill Pro Titanium with logo Dazzle look from the earlier development phase

Titanium For The Hardcore DH Rider Solid Titanium rails

For maximum stability and durability the rails of the SM Downhill Pro Titanium are made of lightweight solid titanium. Guaranteed to help you finish that decisive run.

The Ergon SM Downhill Pro Titanium with rails made of sturdy full titanium