SR Sport Gel Women

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SR Sport Gel Women

  • By women – for women
  • Very good seating comfort
  • Painless biking
The gel road bike saddle for women. The shape and relief fits the female anatomy perfectly in the typical, bent forward sitting position. Supportive yet comfortably upholstered with natively pressure relief with a tapered cutout and strategically placed gel pad inlays all the way towards the nose of the saddle.
Price $ 89.95 (Without VAT**)
€ 89,95 (With VAT**)

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Technical Specifications

SR Sport Gel Women
Length: 261 mm
Width: 141 mm
Road, Allroad/Gravel/Cyclocross
265 g*
Nylon Composite
Orthopedic Comfort Foam with Gel Pads
women specific
$ 89.95 (Without VAT**)
€ 89,95 (With VAT**)

*Weights may vary in production. **Price can vary by country.


Completely new

The Ergon developers have taken a completely new approach to the topic of women’s road racing saddles. After intensive research with X-ray and CT analysis, they have created a new generation of saddles in conjunction with a deep R&D with world class racers of the Canyon/SRAM racing team. Countless prototypes have been tested by both professionals and recreational riders. This feedback, in combination with scientific data developed a new generation of performance and comfort for women.

Position of a female pelvis in cross section with depiction of the nerve tracts, bones and soft tissue, illustrating the relief of an Ergon saddle.

The flexible pelvis

Women are significantly more mobile in the pelvis than men. In the typical racing bike riding position, the pelvis often tilts forward more. This often causes considerable pressure in the genital area. The SR Women distributes the sitting pressure in a more rocked forward position with a wide, V-shaped design to match the female pelvis shape and mobility.

Position of a female pelvis on a standardized bicycle saddle.

The deep pubic symphysis

For anatomical reasons, the pubic symphysis (anterior cartilage connection between the two halves of the pelvis) is about a quarter lower in women than in men. In addition, the angle of the pubic bones to each other is larger. This was taken into account in the SR Women in order to prevent complaints in the sensitive areas.

Female pelvis with large pubic angle.

The sensitive genital area

Due to the characteristics of women’s pelvis, women have suffered discomfort for years on standard saddles. The SR Women alleviates sensitive soft tissue pressure with the tapered relief channel preventing numbness and pain. Alleviating this pressure better distributes the rider’s body weight more towards the sit bones while allowing a more comfortable pressure-free forward rocked position.

Pressure image of the Ergon SR Women saddle.

The Right Size

The shape and size of the saddle must match the sit bone width of the rider to maximize comfort and enjoyment.

The pelvic bone has a unique V-shaped and the saddle must offer the sit bones a large contact surface with the ability to meet the demand of different sitting positions. Various saddle widths are offered so that the usable seat surface corresponds to the riders unique sit bone distance.

The more forward and aggressive the rider sits, the further forward the sit bones contact the saddle.

The saddle is available in the sizes “Small/Medium” for the seat bone with of 9 12 cm (3.5″–4.7″) and “Medium/Large” for the seat bone with of 12–16 cm (4.7″–6.3″).


  • Rennrad News
    “The Ergon SR Pro Women was a perfect fit in the test. We all know saddle fits are always individual, but Ergon’s field research for women seems to have done a lot of ground-breaking work. There is nothing to criticize in terms of assembly, workmanship or comfort. It’s an instant hit!”

    –, 09/2019 (SR Pro Women)

  • RoadBIKE
    “For the seat types ‘sit bones’ and ‘pubic bone’ the saddle generates good results.”

    – RoadBIKE, 01/2020 (SR Pro Women)

  • TOUR
    “Supports the seat bones at the rear, provides good support, and the edges for the recess in the middle are pleasantly rounded. Good fit, relief in the dam area.”

    – TOUR, 07/2019 (SR Pro Carbon Women)

  • TOUR
    “Provides relief through the opening and wide saddle flanks.”

    – TOUR, 02/2019

  • TOUR
    “An enrichment!”

    – TOUR, 07/2018

  • RennRad
    “Special praise for the relief channel. Here the pressure is clearly taken off. Edge pressure is a foreign word.”

    – RennRad, 06/2018


Customized Relief

Pressure relief

Based on intensive research and feedback from our test riders, we created a specific tapered cut out that supports and alleviates unnecessary pressures on sensitive female anatomy. This channel is precisely where women need relief.

Ergon SR Women saddle with far forward relief channel.

Orthopedic Foam

Comfortable and durable

The orthopedic foam is especially ergonomic for road cycling, but still extremely durable. With the addition of OrthoCell® inlays, the pressure of the bony structures is distributed much better by increasing the rebound force and dissipating vibrations.

Ergon SR Women saddle with orthopaedic foam.

The ramp

More support – more power

The ramp at the rear of the SR Women provides effective support for your buttocks, especially when you go to accelerate in the drops. The ramp keeps you supported so that more power goes into the pedals and less energy is wasted supporting yourself in a power producing position.

Ergon SR Women saddle with supporting ramp in the rear of the saddle.


  • The best women’s racing saddle Ergonomics is our philosophy, our claim and our motivation. Therefore the Canyon//SRAM-Racing-Team approached Ergon with a clear mission; the new saddle had to be the best women’s racing bike saddle. The Ergon development team gladly accepted this challenge – and delivered.
  • It all started on Mallorca In the training camp on Mallorca, our ergonomics specialist Janina Haas collected all important data of the Canyon//SRAM professional women. This resulted in the first shapes and CAD designs. These were tested by the riders and continuously improved ergonomically. Thus the first prototypes were created.