SF Women

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SF Women

  • Aids in achieving your fitness goals
  • Prevents female discomforts and numbness
  • Sporty and comfortably padded
Do you live an active lifestyle? On longer bike rides you value the best seating comfort? Then the ergonomic Ergon SF Women saddle should not be missing from your bike! Our new fitness saddle ensures that your cycling enjoyment is not clouded by saddle problems. A perfect balance of sportiness and comfort, the SF Women distributes pressure evenly, which is an added bonus on longer rides. To avoid the common female discomforts and numbness, the anatomically adapted relief channel in the center of the saddle removes pressure from the sensitive soft tissue areas. In addition, the shape and high-quality padding of the saddle are adapted to the position of the upper body during sporty cycling and provides optimum support of the sit bones.
Price $ 49.95 (Without VAT**)

Technical Specifications

SF Women
Fitness, Touring, E-Touring
365 g*
Nylon Composite
Light FeC Stahl
Orthopedic Comfort Foam
max. load
264 lbs
$ 49.95 (Without VAT**)

*Weights may vary in production. **Price can vary by country.


Ride longer without discomfort More fun. More performance.

It’s clear, if there are no discomforts while pedaling, the ride is much more enjoyable. You’ll become fitter and reach your goals faster. Whether it’s a longer ride on the weekend, the commute to work or a brisk ride around town – it’s much easier without saddle discomfort. That’s exactly why we developed the Ergon SF Women.

More fun through less pain

Sit more comfortably Sporty and comfortable

The SF Women is perfect for a sporty and comfortable position on today’s fitness bikes. The shape of the high-quality padded saddle supports the slightly inclined position of your upper body. This means that the pressure is optimally directed to the sit bones and sensitive soft tissues are relieved. In addition, with the SF Women’s aesthetic design, you visually enhance your bike with the eye-catching saddle design.

Woman on bicycle with slightly inclined sitting position

Tailor-made relief Relieving female pressure

After intensive research and evaluation from our female test riders, we calculated the relief opening of the SF Women and placed it far forward. This relief channel is specifically tailored to the female anatomy and removes pressure off the sensitive genital area.

Ergon SF Women saddle with relief channel located far forward

Orthopedic foam Comfortable and robust

The padding is made of orthopedic foam, which we have tuned to be ergonomic and extremely durable. Orthopedic foam distributes the pressure much better – so that you feel comfortable at all times, even without traditional padded cycling shorts. The saddle is covered with robust microfiber.

Ergon SF Women saddle with orthopedic foam


New from the ground up

Ergon’s development team has taken a completely new approach to the subject of women’s fitness saddles. After intensive basic research with X-ray and CT analyses, they have created a new generation of saddles. Countless prototypes were intensively tested by professionals and recreational riders, their feedback shines through in the final product.

Position of a female pelvis in cross-section showing the nerve tracts, bones and soft tissues, illustrating the relief of an Ergon saddle

Flexible pelvis

Women have a much more flexible pelvis than men. In the typical sitting position on a fitness bike, the pelvis often tilts more forward. This often results in considerable pressure in the genital area. With the SF Women, this pressure is distributed to the bony structures of the saddle area by the relief channel and v-shaped saddle flanks.

Position of a female pelvis on a standardized bicycle saddle.

The deep pubic symphysis

For anatomical reasons, the pubic symphysis (anterior cartilage connection of the two halves of the pelvis) is deeper in women than in men. In addition, the angle between the pubic bones is greater. We have also taken this into account in the SF Women Sport Gel to prevent discomfort in the sensitive areas.

Female pelvis with large pubic angle.

The right saddle size

The shape and size of a saddle must fit the rider’s sit-bone width to avoid discomfort. That’s why Ergon offers the SF Women in two sizes. Since the pelvic bones taper forward in a v-shape, the saddle should always provide sufficient support surface for the sit bones in different sitting positions. The saddle widths are selected so that the usable area corresponds in each case to the sit bone distance and distributes the pressure optimally. The more forward a rider sits, the further forward the sit bones touch the saddle.

The saddle is available in sizes Small / Medium for the seat bone distance of 9-12 cm and Medium / Large for the seat bone distance of 12-16 cm.