SM E-Mountain Sport Women

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    The SM E-Mountain Sport tested by us is the only model in our selection that distinguishes between women’s and men’s saddles – which is a real plus and added value. […] A saddle that we can warmly recommend to the comfort seeking tour rider.

    –, 06/2018

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    Top counterattack uphill! The widened saddle nose provides comfort during long passages in the saddle.

    – bikesport e-mtb, 03/2018

Technical Specifications

SM E-Mountain Sport Women
E-MTB, MTB-Touring, All-Mountain/Trail
300 g*
Nylon Composite
Orthopedic Comfort Foam with OthoCell® Inlays
women specific
max. load
264 lbs
$ 99.95 (Without VAT**)

*Weights may vary in production. **Price can vary by country.


Energy-saving ramp Ideally supported in steeper terrain

The SM E-Mountain Women significantly improves your seated position while climbing. The steeply rising ramp at the rear gives you a stable, effort-saving hold when climbing uphill. We have also designed the saddle nose to be particularly wide and comfortable, as the seat position often shifts forward in extremely steep sections.

Ergon SM E-Mountain Women saddle with supporting ramp in the rear of the saddle.

Tailor-made relief Women’s specific pressure relief

After intensive research and evaluation of the feedback from our test riders, we calculated the tampered relief channel of the SM-Women saddles needed to be further forward than in standard relief channels. This is due to women’s pelvic anatomy, biomechanics and sensitive soft tissue; all of the pressure needs to be relieved towards the front.

Ergon SM E-Mountain Women saddle with relief channel placed far forward.

OrthoCell® inlays Even better than gel

The new OrthoCell® material helps you to achieve your best performance without any complaints. These inlays, which are more durable and lighter than gel, ensure the best pressure distribution and provide the highest rebound force. This means they follow the movements of the pelvis with every turn of the crank, but return to their starting position very quickly.

Ergon SM E-Mountain Women saddle with special Orthocell inlays.

Orthopedic Foam Comfortable and durable

The orthopedic foam is especially ergonomic for mountain biking, but still extremely durable. With the addition of OrthoCell® inlays, the pressure of the bony structures is distributed much better by increasing the rebound force and dissipating vibrations.

Ergon SM E-Mountain Women saddle with orthopedic foam.

Anti-Friction side flanks Less friction more movement

For an additional benefit of comfort, we have added anti-friction side flanks to the SM-E Mountain saddle. This feature reduces the friction of your thighs on the saddle while pedaling resulting in less friction and more freedom of movement.

SM E-Mountain Women saddle with friction-reducing sliding flanks.


Completely new

The Ergon developers have taken a completely new approach to the topic of women’s mountain bike saddles. After intensive research with X-ray and CT analysis, they have created a new generation of saddles. Countless prototypes have been tested by both professionals and recreational riders. This feedback, in combination with scientific data developed a new generation of comfort for women.

Position of a female pelvis in a cross section with representation of the nerve tracts, bones and soft tissues, illustrating the relief of an Ergon saddle.

Pelvic flexibility

When women on the MTB, they tend to rock more forward than in men due to an increase flexibility in the pelvis and hips. This often causes considerable pressure in the genital area. The SM Women is designed in a way to support a woman’s wider and more rocked forward bony structures while alleviating the sensitive soft tissue with a tapered cut out.

Position of a female pelvis on a standardized bicycle saddle.

The deep pubic symphysis

Anatomically, the pubic symphysis (anterior cartilage connection between the two halves of the pelvis) is about a quarter lower in women than in men. In addition, the angle of the pubic bones to each other is larger. We have also taken this into account in the SM Women in order to prevent discomfort in the sensitive areas.

Female pelvis with large pubic angle.

The sensitive genital area

Due to the characteristics of women’s pelvis, women have suffered discomfort for years on standard saddles. The SM E-Mountain Women alleviates sensitive soft tissue pressure with the tapered relief channel preventing numbness and pain. Alleviating this pressure better distributes the rider’s body weight more towards the sit bones while allowing a more comfortable pressure-free forward rocked position.

Print image of an Ergon SM E-Mountain Women saddle.

The Right Size

The shape and size of the saddle must match the sit bone width of the rider to maximize comfort and enjoyment.

The pelvic bone has a unique V-shaped and the saddle must offer the sit bones a large contact surface with the ability to meet the demand of different sitting positions. Various saddle widths are offered so that the usable seat surface corresponds to the riders unique sit bone distance.

The more forward and aggressive the rider sits, the further forward the sit bones contact the saddle.

The saddle is available in the sizes “Small/Medium” for the seat bone with of 9 12 cm (3.5″–4.7″) and “Medium/Large” for the seat bone with of 12–16 cm (4.7″–6.3″).


  • Maximum riding fun with the E-MTB The SM E-Mountain Women was designed by the Ergon development team for the very special requirements that arise when going off-road with battery support.