CRT Arm Pads for Profile Design® Race

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CRT Arm Pads for Profile Design® Race

  • Enhanced aerobar position performance
  • Long term pressure distribution
  • Anti-slip surface
Upgrade your Profile Design® aerobars to maximize your performance and enhance comfort while in the aero position. The Ergon CRT Arm Pads for Profile Design® help to maintain the perfect aero position for many hours during time trials and triathlons. Made from high end OrthoCell® foam, the pads prevent pressure discomforts and noticeably dampen road vibrations. The surface is slip-resistant to help you fully focus on your race!
Price $ 39.95 (Without VAT**)

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  • Velo TOTAL
    Improves pressure distribution and long distance performance in endurance races.

    – VeloTotal 04/22

Technical Specifications

CRT Arm Pads for Profile Design® Race
Road, Triathlon, Time Trial
30 g*
One Size
OrthoCell® High End Foam
fits Profile Design® Race Armrest Pad Holders
6 mm
$ 39.95 (Without VAT**)

*Weights may vary in production. **Price can vary by country.


High-End OrthoCell® Foam Optimized for your performance

With OrthoCell®, Ergon exclusively uses this high-tech material, proven in orthopedics, for the CRT Arm Pads. On the bike, this translates to: ideal pressure distribution and vibration damping, enormous resilience after long hours on the bike, no hardening or softening at fluctuating temperatures and no penetration of sweat or other liquids. In addition, the material is antibacterial and easy to clean.

Perfect for Profile Design® Race Comfortable for hours in the aero position

The Ergon CRT Arm Pads for the Profile Design® Race aerobars are 6 millimeters thick resulting in slightly thinner padding than the more comfort oriented „Ergo“ version (10 mm). As a retrofit kit, they are suitable for athletes who want to have as direct of a connection as possible to their triathlon bike, aerodynamically optimized road or gravel bike and those who want to ride as efficiently as possible.

Full focus on the race No distractions while in the battle against the clock

In time trials, it is crucial that you can concentrate 100% on your race. The prerequisite for this is an ideal aerodynamic position on your bike, no matter how long the distance. No constant searching for the perfect position, no fatigue due to vibrations or pressure points, no slipping, no heat build-up, no spongy and insecure riding feeling – this is what sets the CRT Arm Pads apart from the competition.

The ergonomic booster fpr the world record machine Developed while perfecting the Canyon Speedmax

For a world record machine, every detail, no matter how small, must be just right. That’s why Canyon worked with Ergon on the ergonomic optimization of the arm pads during the development of the Speedmax. One result of this project was the CRT Arm Pads, which are available for Profile Design® aerobars in „Ergo“ and „Race“.

Anti-Slip Surface Forearms remain firmly in position

An important factor in the battle against the clock is a stable riding position, which the CRT Arm Pads offer due to the anti-slip surface. In addition, fine ventilation channels reduce unpleasant heat build-up and excessive perspiration.


Optimized pressure distribution in the aero position

The CRT Arm Pads direct pressure evenly over the entire surface of the arm rests. This enables an ideal aerodynamic time trial position for hours without annoying pressure points.

Less fatigue, better performance

Many cyclists complain that they have to keep searching for the optimal forearm position while down in the aero bar position and that their arms tire quickly as a result. The Ergon CRT Arm Pads eliminate this performance-reducing problem thanks to the form fit and the anti-slip surface. The result: more comfort, better concentration on racing and increased performance.

Effective vibration damping

If vibrations are transmitted from the road to your arms, not only is this unpleasant, but your power is also no longer optimally converted into performance and valuable time is lost. The durable OrthoCell® foam effectively absorbs vibrations so you can bring your full power to the road.

Safe riding experience

Our goal is for you to melt into your aero position and enjoy the speed. Perfect ergonomics provide you with a direct and safe riding experience without any disturbing influences. The Ergon CRT Arm Pads contribute significantly to a safe riding experience by eliminating typical performance-reducing factors.