GD1 Evo Factory Slim

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GD1 Evo Factory Slimfrozen moss / oil-slick

  • Made for Downhill
  • The world-class choice
  • Unique rubber compound
The world class downhill grip is now even better! By working together with top professionals like Rémy Métailler and Vali Höll, the GD1 has evolved to provide even more comfort and control in demanding terrain. The GD1 Evo features more damping, better control, and enhanced comfort for more riding fun. Less gripping power is required due to its conical shape, super soft thumb zone and new inner stop design. In addition, the factory version features a unique rubber compound exclusively made in Germany for an even more precise grip feel. The GD1 Evo is twist-proof on carbon handlebars and available in two diameters.
Price $ 44.95 (Without VAT**)

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  • Golden Badge
    Gold in the "Grips" category

    – MTB-News User Award 2024

  • vitalMTB
    Ergon attaches great importance to the design of the grips, and the GD1 is no exception. It was developed specifically for the more aggressive riding disciplines and offers a high level of grip in all conditions.

    – 01/2016 (GD1)

  • bikesport
    No weaknesses: […] Comfortable in the hand. Very good grip, defined grip […] Very pleasant grip.

    – bikesport 2016 (GD1)

  • pinkbike
    Ergon’s downhill specific GD1 grips fulfill all promises: They are precise, comfortable, dampen vibrations and are durable. For me, they replace my old favorites, the classic push-on-renthal grips.

    – 09/2016 (GD1 Factory)

  • Gravity
    […] The ergonomics experts have brought a well thought-out product to the market. The conical shape ensures that the grip sits securely in the hand.

    – Gravity 03-04/2017 (GD1 Factory)

  • Velomotion
    Force-saving due to different diameter; provide perfect hold.

    – Velomotion – 12/2017 (GD1 Factory)

    Very comfortable and with sheer grip, the GD1s have caught my attention! Ergon has produced well designed grips that are worth every cent they cost more!

    – 11/2018 (GD1 Factory)

  • freeride
    The ribbing provides grip and a comfortable grip.

    – FREERIDE 0/2019 (GD1 Slim)

Technical Specifications

GD1 Evo Factory Slim
Downhill/Gravity, Enduro, E-MTB
Frozen Moss / Oil-Slick
Extruded Aluminum / CNC Machined
Factory Custom Rubber
$ 44.95 (Without VAT**)

**Price can vary by country.


Conical grip design

The GD1 EVO Factory has a conical, tapered shape. The grip diameter gradually increases towards the end of the grip. This increases the damping properties towards the end of the grip while the inboard diameter stays slim and responsive. The result is that you get the combined advantages of great comfort and total control on demanding trail

Ergon grip GD1 Evo Factory with conical grip shape

Minimum effort – maximum grip

The anti-slip tread pattern along with the new super soft thumb zone provides maximum grip. Additionally, the slim redesigned inner stop improves the ability to quickly position the hand and ensures full access of the shift levers. The overall design requires maximum control with less gripping force.

Available in two sizes

The GD1 Evo is available in two diameters, standard and slim. Standard is recommended for glove sizes Large / X-Large (8.5 – 10.5) or for riders who want increased cushioning. The Slim version is suitable for glove sizes Small / Medium (6.5 – 8.5) or riders who prefer grips with a smaller grip range.

Ergon grip GD1 Evo Factory in two diameters


Exclusive Quality Grip rubber Made in Germany

The material used in Ergon grips meets the highest quality purity standards, is TÜV-certified, durable and absolutely unique in the world of cycling grips. The silicone-based, UV-resistant rubber compound of the GD1 EVO Factory is developed and manufactured exclusively for Ergon in Germany. Ergonomics, product design and engineering – all made in Germany.

TÜV-certified grip rubber

Factory custom rubber Increased durability

Cycling grips are repeatedly subject to mechanical wear and abrasion – particularly in an environment as tough as mountain biking. Ergon’s exclusive „Factory Custom Rubber“ compound maintains its high grip properties and precise structure much longer than other compounds.

Inner Clamp Internal clamp

The internal aluminum clamp of the GD series leaves ample space for controls as well as supports a wide gripping position. The strength of this clamping system prevents any twisting of the grip, even on carbon bars.

Ergon GD1 Evo Factory handlebar with internal aluminium clamp

Replaceable End plugs Added toughness

The GD1’s end plugs are replaceable –a useful detail for adding even more longevity to your grips.

Ergon GD1 Evo Factory grip with exchangeable endplugs.


„For me, control means having the ability to completely capture the feedback of the ground – I get all the information about my hands, legs and the bike.“ Fabien Barel, 3-time downhill world champion

Fabien Barel, 3-time downhill world champion