GS1 Evo

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GS1 Evomoondust grey

  • Ergonomic performance comfort grip
  • Reduces hand and wrist discomforts
  • Made in Germany
The GS1 Evo reimagines what ergonomic comfort can be for touring, trail and E-Bikes by minimizing aching hands and numb fingers. Ergon took the best-selling GP1 winged grip and evolved it with popular characteristics of the mountain specific GA3. The GS1 Evo features a larger supportive wing than the GA3 and a sleeker profile than the GP1, a specific textured grip zone for the thumb, fingers and palm and a softer overall touch. Always prioritizing materials, the GS1 Evo is composed a proprietary rubber compound Made in Germany. From quick jaunts across town to endurance events to journeys across continents, the GS1 Evo is a new favorite among many riders!
Price $ 34.95 (Without VAT**)

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    Test winner - The bike grips offer outstanding comfort and grip for almost every cycling discipline.

    – FAZ_04.04.2024

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    Gold in the "Grips" category

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    We can recommend the Ergon GS1 Evo to anyone who needs reliable bike grips, whether for MTB tours or bike trips with the e-bike.

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Technical Specifications

GS1 Evo
Fitness, Touring, MTB-Touring, E-Touring
Moondust Grey
Aluminum / black anodized
$ 34.95 (Without VAT**)

**Price can vary by country.


Enhanced wing reduces pressure

Ergon once again sets a benchmark in ergonomic grip design with the GS1 Evo. Cyclists can look forward to an ergonomic grip with a high-performance wing. Pressures on the hand are distributed evenly and the wrists are supported protecting the sensitive ulnar nerve. Numb fingers and aching hands are a thing of the past.

The grip-wing distributes the pressure evenly and relieves the wrist

Say “Good Bye” to pain

If the wrists are bent too much while cycling, the carpal tunnel can be pinched off resulting in a burning pain in the hand or forearm. The GS1 Evo fully supports the wrists. The flexible wing, which is perfectly adapted to the hand, ensures a form fit between the hand and the grip. Hand and wrist pressures are distributed evenly over the wing, relieving the carpal tunnel, and preventing pain.

The GS1 Evo relieves pressure on the wrist and carpal tunnel

A new ergonomic design for full control

Thumb, fingers, palm: these three hand zones you grip and control your bike while riding. The GS1 Evo has special textures for each of these areas adapted to the ergonomics of the hand for control and safety.

The GS1 Evo has special texture fields for each area of the hand

A grip as dynamic as you are

The GS1 Evo has been optimized in its design and features a completely new rubber compound for sporty touring and fitness rides. The GS1 Evo also has slightly smaller shape then our bestselling GP1 making it ideal for dynamic riding.

The GS1 Evo is ergonomically optimized in its design and with newly defined rubber hardness

Small or Large – A size suited for any hand

To ensure that the GS1 Evo fits in hands of all sizes, we offer two sizes. The difference between Small and Large is the grip thickness in hand. A larger hand has a better fit on a thicker grip than on a thinner one. Accordingly, a thinner grip fits a small hand best. For hand/glove sizes 6.5” – 8.5” we recommend size Small, for 8.5” and larger you should choose Large.

The GS1 Evo is available in two different sizes


Exclusive Quality Grip rubber made in Germany

The TÜV-certified, toxin-free, medical grade rubber compound found in the new GS1 Evo is unique for bicycle grips. The rubber compound has the highest quality standards and meets the German toy and food safety standards. The is very important for riders who like to ride without gloves and have continuous direct skin contact with the grips. The UV-stable rubber compound is developed and manufactured exclusively for Ergon in Germany.

The TÜV-certified, toxin-free medical LongLife rubber compounds of the GS1 Evo

Play It Safe Simple and secure clamp

Thanks to the high-quality aluminum inboard clamp you can adjust the wing angle of the GS1 Evo to the perfect position. A single clamp bolt allows for easy installation and a twist-proof ride. In addition, the inboard clamp allows the rider to comfortably grab further out on the outside of the handlebars.

The GS1 Evo with high-quality aluminum internal clamping

Under Control At All Times A modern rubber compound in four trendy colors

To maximize rider control and safety in all situations, we have evolved the rubber compound found in the GS1 Evo. Whether with or without gloves, the GS1 Evo will feel at home in your hands. Modern colors for today’s modern bikes are sure to turn heads: Moondust Grey, Nightride Blue Chilli Red, and Black.

The GS1 Evo with different rubber hardnesses for each gripping zone