VSF Quality Seal

Awarded for Ergonomics and Materials

Ergon Handlebars certified for 2016–2019

The VSF..all-ride Quality Seal

Better bicycles, better components and also more riding fun—these are the goals of the VSF..all-ride quality seal. And we are proud that Ergon achieves these goals substantially.

The VSF award for sustainability and product quality is a confirmation of the outstanding work done by Ergon’s development department. Our employees have been researching assiduously since 2010 to improve existing products and make them even more eco-friendly.

On the initiative of “GreenLab,” packaging made of recycled material has been designed. Whole products, such as the GP1 BioKork grip, are made of eco-friendly materials. We continually strive to walk the path of sustainability.

A process was implemented for the VSF certification, which has professional experts from various fields joining together for the analysis. The results are reliable product recommendations and powerful products with the highest level of functionality and life span. These were ideally manufactured under exceptionally sustainable and fair social conditions.

GC1 BioKork

Evaluation from the certification:

The ergonomic shape of the GC1 grips adjusts the hand position on bent handlebars as they occur on city or Holland bikes. The cork comes from organic sources. The synthetics are enhanced with natural fibers and the packaging consists of recycled cardboard. The grips can be perfectly adjusted on the handlebars and are comfortable on cold as well as warm days.

Product Description:

  • Material: 40% cork, with natural fiber enhanced synthetics, free of harmful substances
  • Clamp: Cold forged aluminum—100% recyclable

Material properties

Various shapes and sizes

GP1 Bioleder

Evaluation from the Certification:

The base of the organic leather grip is the proven Ergon GP1. As its big brother it relieves typical pressure points and adjusts malposition of the wrist. The fine version made of untreated organic leather, which was tested for harmful substances, is a real worry stone with temperature and humidity compensation.

Product Description:

  • Material: Naturally tanned leather, black or brown
  • Clamp: Cold forged aluminum, black or silver
  • Versions: Regular or short version for bikes with hub shifting system


Initiative for environmentally friendly production

Ergon Materials

Highest quality standards—even in organic cork (BioKork) and organic leather (BioLeder)

Irresistible feel

Cork is inherently antibacterial, antiallergic and therefore especially skin-friendly. It possesses very good attenuation properties. And due to it’s low density, it is very lightweight.

The body of the grip consists of 40% cork. The cork derives from organic sources in Portugal and meets very strict ecological standards.

The best of two worlds

Naturally tanned leather from the Allgaeu with an untreated, porous surface and individually natural characteristics. The innovative, seamless way of processing leather was developed in collaboration with the leather manufacturer Quoc Pham, London.


Ergonomics. Performance. Environmental Safety.

Project GreenLab sets new targets in Ergon’s product development with the goal to unite ergonomics, performance and ecology. In other words, developing products with innovative ideas which are more ergonomic, more efficient and more environmentally safe at the same time. We gauge the limits of the technical feasibility on the one hand and take small increments in the right direction on the other hand.

Project GreenLab has played an especially big part in Ergon’s development department since 2010, and has lead to important product innovations. The entire packaging of the extensive Ergon grip series was developed from scratch. Aspects such as lower material usage, high degree of implementation of recycled materials, ecological sustainability of the utilized materials as well as very simple, preferably single-origin recyclability, are on top of the list of aspirations.


Promote cycling. Move people.

The VSF—for mankind and bike

Nurturing the cycling culture. Promote bicycle traffic.

The Verbund Service and Fahrrad (VSF e.V.) is a non-profit and independent trade association of the bicycle industry. The 300 members include bicycle dealers, manufacturers, wholesalers, service providers and non-profit organizations. Around 230 dealers in the VSF form the heart of our association, which especially promotes high quality standards, a growing bicycle traffic and a lively bicycle culture.

Most member companies focus on bicycle concepts suitable for everyday life and have established a high competence in that area. The collective knowledge and detailed expertise of our members form the basis for the VSF..all-ride quality seal.

The VSF..all-ride Quality Seal

Products which are long-lasting and work outstandingly.

The VSF..all-ride quality seal offers guidance and is a real guarantor for reliability and function. The commitment for a better product is a tradition at VSF: Many manufacturers have undergone improvements, new development or quality assurance of their products on the basis of our recommendations through the years.

We are lifting the commitment to a new level with the VSF..all-ride quality seal. The results are transparent product recommendations for durable products with the highest functionality, which were ideally manufactured with sustainability and fair social conditions in mind.

The criteria and the process

Transparent, comprehensible and thorough.

  • The selection of the test products happens through the VSF specialist trade and through additional recommendations by experts.
  • Only products of highest quality, which meet at least current technical standards, can participate in the procedure.
  • The most important assessment criteria are functionality, operating comfort, life span and warranty. 230 specialists evaluate according to these criteria.
  • The conditions of the manufacturers are incorporated into the certification process. The manufacturer is questioned about material composition and about the ecological and social conditions of the production.