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Optimized Saddle Ergonomics for Women

The mission presented to us by the Canyon//SRAM womens racing team was to produce the perfect road bike saddle for women. It would be an ambitious task. The Ergon Development Team accepted this challenge and delivered.

Our commitment to Ergonomics is absolute. It’s in our name, it’s our philosophy, our aspiration and our motivation. Due to our commitment to ergonomics, the Canyon // SRAM Racing Team approached us in December 2015 with the idea of developing a saddle for the women's professional road team - a saddle that meets the specific needs of the female anatomy.

Since the female form differs significantly from the male – with a lower pubic symphysis, a wider pelvic angle and higher mobility of the pelvis resulting in significantly higher pressure in the genital area – it made sense for our development team to look for solutions in these areas. During the first year the Canyon // SRAM team – home of the fastest women in the world – was our exclusive development partner. This close partnership was an enormously valuable contribution in the extensive development of the SR Women saddle.

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Early in the project collecting data was important and our ergonomics specialist, Janina Haas, carried out numerous pressure measurements with the individual team members at their winter training camp in Mallorca. These initial tests were conducted on their previous saddles, which were from various manufacturers. Those measurements resulted in the first shapes and CAD designs that were tested and verified again and again by a diverse selection of test subjects. Following the pre-season preparation in Mallorca the very next year – and endless pressure measurements later – the first working prototypes for a women's road bike saddle were born.

  • Ergonomic ResearchThe focus of the development of the saddle was centered around female riders. By collaborating with the riders, Ergon was able to best understand what ergonomic revisions needed to go into a women’s specific design.
  • Precision MeasurementsThe digital pressure mapping was used to optimize the design and gauge which specific materials to use to specifically fit the female anatomy.
  • Precise CraftsmanshipThe Research and Development team focused on collecting as many measurements as possible to best develop a saddle that reaches as many women as possible.
  • PrototypesThrough extensive research, the first hand-built prototype was developed.
  • The final StepsAfter the product is approved through the development process, a finalized prototype is developed for the first round of endurance testing.

Because of constant feedback from our professional women racers and test riders, only minimal fine tuning was necessary. In December 2017 final tests and pressure measurements of the saddles were conducted and fully confirmed the relief concept.

But what specifically makes the SR Women so unique? The saddle is characterized by a wider saddle nose in comparison to saddles from other manufacturers. Additionally, the integrated relief inlays in the SR Women are not only positioned in the seating area – as in conventional saddles – but also in the genital area. This provides enormous improvement in pressure relief. The Pro version of the saddle goes one step further utilizing completely new inlays made of OrthoCell®. OrthoCell® ensures incredible pressure distribution, overall lower weight and higher durability than the gel version.

  • Higher Flexibility
  • Low-lying Pubic Symphysis
  • Typical Pressure Distribution of the female pelvis in the road cycling position

Background of the intensive development process: The women’s pubic symphysis is positioned lower by quarter the distanced compared to the male pelvis. The angle of the pubic bones is wider and the female pelvis often rocks further forward with a higher pressure in the genital area. Because of this women often have complaints with common road bike saddles. The SR Women by Ergon is balanced optimally for the female anatomy in road bike, leaned forward sitting position and because of the pressure relief in the genital area has a ramp in the rear of the saddle.

The first successes and endorsements from the Canyon // SRAM Racing Team in 2018 have proven our SR Women design concept right. Kasia Niewiadoma raced to silver in Sienna, Italy. The week prior team member Alexis Ryan won the silver medal at the semi-classic Omloop het Nieuwsblad in East Flanders. Not stopping there, did it again, winning the silver medal at the Ronde van Drenthe in Hoogeveen, Netherlands.

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For Alexis the season couldn’t have start better. Recently she showed her enthusiasm when she was pressure mapped and shown the development of the SR Women saddle and it’s benefits.
One highlight of the Canyon//SRAM Racing team bike: The SR Pro Women