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Uphill Chill. Downhill Thrill.

Ergon SMA3 All-Mountain Series.

The Allrounder

Developed with Freeride Legend Richie Schley, the SMA3 offers the perfect combination of performance and comfort for all mtb riding styles. The flat and narrow sloping rear allows for fast and smooth changes between downhill and seated positions.

The relief channel offers increased protection of the soft-tissue areas, providing many enjoyable hours in the saddle. The CNC machined orthopedic AirCell foam distributes pressure and gives enhanced support. Cover Edge Protection and the Microfiber surface enhance the durability of the SMA3.

„My choice for trail riding – makes your ass happy.“

— Richie Schley
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Richie Schley suggests if the SME3 is too firm and sporty for your riding, you should urgently try the SMA3!

SMA3 Series

No more saddle pain! Even those riders who are not spending a lot of time on the saddle when riding can now enjoy being seated on the bike with this new saddle series. A pronounced relief channel and orthopedic saddle foam provide that extra bit of desired comfort. Despite the outstanding fit properties of the SMA3, the design was also enhanced for unlimited downhill runs. Featuring silicone infused side flanks on the seat cover, all movements on and around the saddle are frictionless and allow for seamless transitions on and over the bike by the rider. Uphill Chill. Downhill Thrill.

Relief by pressure distribution

The area around the sit bones is less sensitive to pressure, unlike the perineal and genital areas. The sit bones can better distribute the weight of the upper body over the saddle surface. Optimum pressure distribution in the sit bone area and pubic arches is achieved by a flat and uniform surface contact, as well as the use of high quality orthopedic foams.

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Proper Sizing makes the difference