IP3 Solestar

More performance.
Less discomfort.

The IP3 Solestar insole

Cyclists need foot stability

Feet, under load, move naturally inward and outward (pronation/supination). When cycling these natural movements are an ergonomic disadvantages: loss of power and stress of the ligaments, tendons and joints.

The patented Solestar Stabilization Delta, places the foot in the natural neutral position. This optimizes power transfer and ensures proper alignment without any foot discomforts.

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“Burning and aching feet are finally a thing of the past. Due to perfect stabilization of the foot, every pedal stroke maximizes power transfer directly on the pedals.”

— Alban Lakata, 2× Marathon World Champion, Topeak-Ergon Racing Team

Patented Stabilization Delta

1. Metatarsophalangeal joint lowering

Lowering of the metatarsophalangeal joint for optimum power transfer to the pedals.

2. Forefoot outer edge increase

The forefoot is stabilized, supination stopped.

3. Ankle joint support

The back of the foot is optimally supported, pronation stopped.

Optimized foot position

For leg strength to be transferred into optimized propulsion without discomfort, the feet should be stabilized in their natural neutral position. Involuntary movements, such as pronation and supination, of the foot joint should also be avoided.

The IP3 insoles channel power from the legs biomechanically and efficiently direct this power to the pedals. With correct alignment of the feet to the pedals, this offers protection of the joints and tendons.

Supination of the forefoot
Neutral position
Pronation of the ankle joint

“The foot is an extremely fragile and unstable element. Using the patented Stabilization Delta holds the foot in a neutral position. The result? Pain is eliminated, force is being transmitted effectively to the pedal, and the overall riding pleasure is increased”

— Oliver Elsenbach, sports scientists Solestar

Triple layer insole structure – Made in Germany


Resilient surface is made of antibacterial carbon fabric

3D Padding

Orthopedic foam for optimal damping

Stabilization shell

Made of fiber-reinforced plastic for effective power transmission

Cycling applications

The Ergon IP3 Solestar insole is suitable for various cycling applications. When the IP3 Solestar is used in a high-performance mountain biking or road cycling shoe, the insole reduces the rotation of the ankle, thus ensuring foot comfort and a greater power transfer.

When used in a cycling shoe with soft sole, such as an Enduro or Freeride shoe, the insole provides additional stability in what is traditionally thought of as a loose fitting shoe. The shoe feels noticeably stiffer and more direct on the pedals.

Ergonomics make you faster

Solestar has been the supplier of professional cyclists for many years: André Greipel, Matteo Trentin, Christian Knees, the Canyon Sram Racing Team and the Topeak-Ergon Racing Team. These are just some of the best cyclists in the world that rely on the proven Stabilization Delta found within the IP3 Solestar.

Topeak-Ergon Racing Team