IGR Innovation Award Ergonomics 2021

Distinguished in ergonomics and innovation:
Ergon is honored with company award

Perfect ergonomics for cyclists, developed in Germany – that is what Ergon stands for. We are pleased to be awarded the "IGR Innovation Award Ergonomics 2021", by the Institute for Health and Ergonomics (IGR).

Companies are nominated for this award whose claim to healthy working and ergonomics is reflected by both the lifestyle in the company and in the development of their products and services.

"We are therefore very pleased that Ergon is among this year's award winners," says IGR board member Christian Brunner. "We particularly liked the company's focus on the ergonomics of cycling. Ergon demonstrates a holistic approach to ergonomic innovation when it comes to the human-bicycle interface."

According to the IGR, Ergon’s back-friendly saddles and grips play a significant role in behavioral ergonomics. This contributes significantly to the prevention of aches, pains and damage caused by exercise and sport.

The Institute for Health and Ergonomics e.V. (IGR)

The Institute for Health and Ergonomics e.V. (IGR) is an association of experts in the fields of ergonomics and back health. The network includes doctors, physiotherapists, scientists, company health management staff, public authority representatives, product developers and retailers, all of whom are concerned with the subject of health and ergonomics.

SR Allroad Core Series

For a full road bike feeling even off the road: The Ergon Core HD® (constructed with an ergonomic core of Infinergy®) dampens without compromise, absorbs shocks, prevents seat problems – a whole new, genuine riding experience.

SMC Core Series

All-in-one seat comfort for MTB: no seat pressure, reduced feelings of numbness. The ingenious Core 3D® technology, with its pain-free saddle formula, makes mountain biking maximally comfortable without sacrificing technicality.

ST Core Series

The ultimate for demanding touring riders. Superior long-distance comfort thanks to Ergon Core 3D®. Ergonomically perfected, pain-free saddle formula – proven back-friendly.

SC Core Series

Proven back-friendly comfort for city and touring. Ergon Core 3D®, with its unique pain-free saddle formula, relieves sitting pressure and alleviates numbness.

SM E-Mountain Core Series

Better traction plus maximum comfort uphill: the rear ramp and our revolutionary Core 3D® technology inspire e-bikers to conquer steep terrain. Reduced numbness, proven back-friendly.

GP Series

The original. GP grips prevent numb fingers, aching hands and forearms. The global standard in function, material and manufacturing.

Fitting Box Series

Adjust your bike to be ergonomically correct! With the Fitting Box it is easy, fast and precise – even without prior knowledge.