All about control

All about control

The new Ergon Downhill products

Everything under control

The rider and the material explore the limits in downhill. The contact points, saddle and grip, deliver the necessary feedback and are in direct contact between rider, bike and ground. The best possible control is crucial in extreme situations.

During the development period, the experience of many factory riders went into the SMD2 saddle and GD1 Factory grip series. The expertise of 3-times downhill world champion Fab Barel had an especially great impact. The close collaboration with top athlete Tahnée Seagrave provided important knowledge directly from the world cup that was taken into account in the development—maximum speed requires maximum control.

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“Control means to me to have the possibility to completely understand the feedback from the ground—through my hands, legs and the bike—I receive all the information.”

Fabien Barel
3× Downhill World Champion

“To me control means, being in control with my bike and my body as well as my mind. Control is especially important when it comes to downhill.”

Tahnée Seagrave
Downhill Worldcup Pro Athlete

GD1 Factory

GD1 Factory Griff

The first MTB Gravity Grip with tapered grip shape (patent pend.). More damping in the outer area with slim inner diameter. The unique rubber compound manufactured in Germany offers adhesive and rebound properties which have never been seen before. The grip feeling is soft, but still very defined and precise. The surface profile provides optimal grip and reduces the gripping force at the same time. The slim inner stop additionally improves fast positioning of the hand. The high-strength aluminum inner clamp keeps the grip torsionproof even for carbon handlebars.

Available in two different diameters, standard and slim. Suitable for different hand sizes or the preference for slim grips or more damping—in translucent frozen orange or frozen black.

GD1 Regular GD1 Slim
Thinnest Point: 30mm Thinnest Point: 29mm
Thickest Point: 32mm Thickest Point: 30.5mm

To replace: Robust end plugs in 3 colors


  1. Tapered grip shape—more external damping, slimmer inner diameter
  2. Top: Anti-slip zone profile
  3. Bottom: Minimum gripping force needed when pulled
  1. Inner stop improves orientation while gripping
  2. High-tensile inner clamp made of aluminum
  3. Interchangeable end plugs

“I consider grips as an important part on a downhill bike. Your hands get so many hits within 4 - 6 minutes—I mean a countless number of hits. A grip should not be too soft either, but convey the impression of the bike to become one with your hand.”

— Tahnée Seagrave

SMD2 Series

GD1 Factory Griff

During an intensive development period the requirements of the SMD2 were framed with the help of downhill professionals: The first saddle of Ergon which is barely used for sitting, but instead to stir the bike. The entire surface design follows a tilted orientation of the saddle and offers the rider complete freedom of movement.

The guidance of the bike with the inner leg is improved by circumferential padding of the edges. Other important downhill features are shock-resistant rails and extra large tire clearance at the rear during deflection of the rear end.


GD1 Factory Griff

Seating Surface

Anti-slip surface for perfect grip in seated passages (Mod. Comp / Pro Titanium). Sturdy and easy-care microfiber seat cover for long durability.


Flowing contour follows the motion sequence characteristic of downhill—for a smooth descent.


Low friction coating to diminish friction for rapid shifts and while pedaling.

GD1 Factory Griff

Wheel Gap

Extra flat, short rear without edges for the largest possible tire clearance during deflection of the swing arm.

360° Edge Padding

Full edge padding for maximum protection and optimized leg guidance.

“My first impression of the SMD2 prototype concerned the dimension. Exactly the right length, especially at the saddle nose for better control plus the grip and the stability of the rear surface. I could move freely, but had lateral contact with the inner leg when necessary. These were definitely the key facts for me.”

— Fabien Barel