Allroad. All Comfort. No Limits.

Ergon Allroad Bundle (YouTube)

Your experience has no limits.

Road vibrations, shocks and impacts cause fatigue and can reduce your performance. The new Allroad Series - SR Allroad Core saddle, BT Allroad Bar Tape and CF Allroad Pro Carbon Seat Post - were developed to meet performance demands and provide a more comfortable and enjoyable ride. The result? More comfort and less strain on all road surfaces. Experience the new standards in Allroad cycling and overcome your limits.

SR Allroad Core Series

For a full road bike feeling even off the road: The Ergon Core HD® (constructed with an ergonomic core of Infinergy®) dampens without compromise, absorbs shocks, prevents seat problems – a whole new, genuine riding experience.

BT Series

The comfort and performance plus for Road, Allroad and Gravel. Specific handlebar tapes deliver outstanding damping, excellent pressure distribution and improved hand comfort.

CF Allroad Carbon Series

The Ergon leaf spring seatpost revolutionizes comfort on the road bike, all-road and gravel bike. Combining a pure road bike feeling with superior suspension on rough surfaces, the CF Allroad Carbon Series is lightweight, comfortable and maximizes rider performance.

SR Series

Racing performance with maximum seat comfort: This new generation of saddles combines dynamics and pressure relief for more performance.