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GP Series

The original. GP grips prevent numb fingers, aching hands and forearms. The global standard in function, material and manufacturing.

GC Series

The bestselling winged grip especially for curved handlebars. No bending the wrist, no pain, no numb fingers.

GA Series

Dampens, relieves, and provides freedom of movement. It’s the best grip—soft rubber and, in the GA3, a mini wing for extra trail comfort.

GE Series

The very best of the Enduro World Series! Maximum performance and comfort for wide riser bars. Surest control on the roughest trails.

GD Series

The world-class downhill grips, developed with world-class athletes. Full focus on speed, maximum control, highest damping with minimum effort.

GFR Series

The freeride precision grip for your ride: extreme damping due to ribs at the top, minimal effort due to grip zone at the bottom.

GS Series

The GS Series combines high damping properties with steering precision. Comfort is ensured during long rides through strategic pressure distribution and stable wing flex.

GS Evo Series

The leader in ergonomic sport comfort grips. Without sacrificing comfort, the GS1 Evo is an evolution in comfort grips for more dynamic and sporty riding styles. Made in Germany, the GS1 Evo dramatically reduces hand discomforts associated with cycling.

GT Series

Introducing the GT1, the ultimate ergonomic solution for all your hand positioning needs. Our innovative multi-position comfort grip allows for four different hand positions, relieving strain on the hand, arm, shoulder, and back. Additionally, the extra-large wing provides maximum pressure distribution on the palm, taking pressure off the wrists and protecting the ulnar nerve. The thumb support feature ensures slip resistance and reduces the need for excessive gripping force. Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to perfect comfort and stability on even the longest tours. Your hands will thank you.