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SMC MTB Comfort Series

The new MTB saddle against seated discomfort and feelings of numbness. The surface design provides effective pressure relief exactly where needed – for women and men alike. The orthopedic foam is thick, soft and ensures a large support area.

GE1 Evo MTB Enduro Series

Noticeably more grip. The grips with a surface-optimized gripping surface improves your posture while looking better than ever before – including the new Oil-Slick color.

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GD1 Evo MTB Gravity

100% gravity – developed in cooperation with the world’s best Downhill racers in the Worldcup Circuit. The conical shape with its reduced diameter on the inside reduces gripping forces and provides additional damping on the outside.

SM Pro Men MTB

Made for men. Now grip matching colors for the Pro models.

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GA MTB All-Mountain Series

More comfort out on the trail. The GA3 with its Mini-Wing is now available in two sizes and comes in completely new colors.

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SM E-Mountain Core Prime E-MTB Series

The Core saddle with Infinergy® is adapted to the riding position on an E-MTB. The function-principle boosts seated comfort significantly, relieves the rider’s back and improves rear wheel traction. The saddle’s ramped rear provides a stable seated position on long uphill climbs.

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SM Women MTB Series

MTB saddles for women –completely reimagined.

Druckverteilung der SM Women-Sättel.
Optimal Pressure Distribution For effective relief and protection of soft tissue area
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BX Series

BX3 Evo and BX4 Evo – now available with a One-Size-Fits-All carrying system and with new, less obtrusive colors.

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BA3/BA3 E Protect

The all-rounder for All-Mountain and E-MTB bikes. Updated with new, cleaner colors.

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SMD2 Comp MTB Downhill Series

Oil Slick – Super Sick. The Ergon DH saddle that improves handling on the downhill – available now in new colors.

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GP MTB Comfort Series

The perfect Grips to prevent numbness and wrist pain for Fitness and Comfort cyclists.

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