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The World-Class Gravity Grip

GFR Series. Designed by the minds of Tahnée Seagrave and the Canyon [CLLCTV] FMD team with a slim profile, exceptional damping, adhesion and feedback built to rewrite the law of gravity.

Enduro Grip Series

Leading the way at the Enduro World Series! The ergonomic enduro oriented grip for use on wide handlebars, which supports the correct upper body and arm position of the rider.

Added comfort, added performance, a more enjoyable ride

The main contact points; saddle, handlebar, and pedals, must be adjusted to work in harmony with the rider. Depending on the type of bicycle and riding style these contact point adjustments change. With the Fitting Box the bike can be adjusted fast, precise, and ergonomically correct with little or no previous bike fitting knowledge.

BA MTB All-Mountain Series

The BA MTB All-Mountain Series provides an organized space for all of your off-road and E-MTB trailside needs. Each pack is individually adjustable to customize a perfect fit for every rider. Feel the freedom of movement with Ergon’s new hip pack that relieves all pressures from shoulder straps and ergonomically distributes the pack’s weight along the rider’s hips.

IP3 Solestar

Greater performance and less discomfort due to optimized biomechanical foot support. Developed with German insole specialist Solestar.

HM/HE MTB Series

The HM/HE MTB series offers a glove with precise grip, braking and shifting control. Ergonomically optimized for All-Mountain, Enduro and Gravity riding. Fits like a glove!