SR Tri Women Front

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NewSR Tri Women Front

  • Faster on the bike with optimized pedaling ergonomics and the perfect Power Position
  • Less muscle fatigue, better cycling performance and stronger transition to the run
  • 3 years of development with world-class triathletes such as Ironman European Champions Laura Philipp and Imogen Simmonds
In collaboration with World-Class Triathletes, Ergon developers have discovered that athletes can be divided into different sitting types – Front and Mid. That's why Ergon's new Power Position system delivers saddle shapes that guarantee triathletes more comfort and more performance. The SR Tri Women Mid saddle is for riders who prefer to sit in the middle saddle area with less forward pelvis tilt and a more rounded lower back. The SR Tri Women Mid - more comfort, more performance, faster on the road.
Price $ 249.95 (Without VAT**)

Technical Specifications

SR Tri Women Front
230 g*
$ 249.95 (Without VAT**)

*Weights may vary in production. **Price can vary by country.


The perfect saddle for you Find your power position

In the many years of development work between Ergon and world-class triathletes like Jan Frodeno, Laura Philipp, Jan Stratmann and Imogen Simmonds, it was clear that triathletes differ with two sitting types – Front and Mid. This applies to both men and women. Some female riders put more weight on the middle section of the saddle and round their backs significantly. Others sit on the front part of the saddle and keep their back lower and straighter.

Ergonomically precise adjustment Perfect shape for women

Due to the different anatomy compared to male triathletes, the lower aero upper body posture places more pressure on different structures in the sitting area. Accordingly, the SR Tri Women Front with its wide and soft saddle nose is perfectly adapted to women who ride in the front power position.

Less back fatigue Ride and run faster!

Our aim was to perfect the ergonomics of the triathlon saddle down to the smallest detail and improve overall performance. The optimized saddle shape ensures less back muscle fatigue, improved, more efficient pedaling ergonomics and a high level of comfort. This relieves the muscle chains required for running and the transition to the run can be started fresher and with more energy. The SR Tri helps you ride and run faster!

Developed with top triathletes Imogen Simmonds sits on the Front

Imogen Simmonds, 2019 Ironman European Champion and a key player in the Ergon SR Tri saddle development team for over three years, embodies the Front type position and rides the Ergon SR Tri Women front saddle. This is where the British-Swiss triathlete finds her perfect Power Position.

Prevents numbness in the perineal area No pain, more power

As the symphysis (pubic arch) in women is 25 percent lower than in men, an especially high level of relief is required in this area. The highly flexible 3D printed insert achieves this by supporting the load-bearing area in the relief channel. The adapted flexability of the insert can generate additional support while improving the overall relief of the genital area.

Precise and easy setup BMR line for optimum adjustment

The BioMechanical Reference line (BMR line) is marked on the saddle surface of all SR Tri saddles. This shows the meridian of the saddle – the point at which the saddle is exactly 75 millimeters wide. The BMR line is a reference point for the correct fitting of height, fore/aft position, inclination and the correct saddle nose distance. The BMR line is also an important reference point for precise adjustment using our Fittingbox Road.

Made in Europe Sustainable quality with precision

The SR Tri Women Front saddle is Made in Europe! This guarantees the best material quality and manufacturing while shortening supply chains, reducing production waste and complying to European recycling standards. That’s good for the environment – and good for you!


Comfort makes you fast

The shape of the saddle, which is precisely adapted for triathletes riding in the Front position, is perfectly supported by our special Orthopedec Comfort Foam – allowing triathletes to pedal efficiently over long distances. It also reduces fatigue in the back muscles, which lets you put more power down on the bike and makes it easier to transition to the run.

Ride pain-free for longer

In combination with our proven resilient Orthopedec Comfort Foam, the shape of the saddle allows triathletes to ride pain-free in the aero position longer and also to move better and more freely after the transition to the run.

More comfort and more power

Pressure reduction in the genital area is extremely important, as the forward saddle surface area is greatly reduced when utilizing an aggressive aero position – which significantly increases the pressure on the sensitive areas of the crotch. In addition to our special Orthopedec Comfort Foam, the SR Tri Women Front features a soft, 3D printed insert in the nose area of the saddle, which provides further relief for women's pressure-sensitive areas.