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Design & Engineering

Our Designers in the Third Development Stage

Ergon designers are also cyclists; they test new concepts and ideas where they should be tested on roadways, trails and bike parks.


Highly complex design and an intuitive approach merge into one product.

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German Innovation

A synonym for diligence, character, enthusiasm, precision, passion and reliability.

Ergon has a strong German network of professionals who specialize in product material, research, production, and testing.

The Network

  • Materials Manufacturer for Bio-leather, Compounds, Protectors and TPEs
  • Development Partners
  • Partner for Research in the fields of Ergonomics, Materials and Construction
  • Laboratory that performs extreme tests on all Ergon products
Auf einer Deutschland-Karte sind die Ergon Partner farblich markiert.

Lab Tests

  • Examination of Purity

    All materials are tested for toxic and impure substances. Materials used by Ergon meet the highest German government food and child toy safety standards.

  • Mechanical stress test

    Products are tested for tensile strength, compression, and repetitive shock load.

  • Deterioration Test

    Deterioration and the life-span of Ergon products are tested to specific in-house standards.

  • Environmental Simulation

    Different kinds of environmental exposures are recreated in a 4 year simulation.

Field Tests

There is no better way to test products than the real-life usage under extreme conditions.