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Kristian Hynek

Kristian Hynek
Kristian Hynek‘s Logo
  • Name: Kristian Hynek
  • Birth: 05/19/1980
  • Place of Residence: Černošice, Czech Republic

Kristian Hynek

As a member of Topeak-Ergon Racing Team since 2012, Kristian Hynek is said to be one of the best mountain bike athletes in the world. Excelling in long distance events, the “Dolomites Man“ and winner of the “Stairs of Prague” tends to give his competition a real run for their money.

His physical strength is very impressive, which is highlighted on long climbs and long flat power sections. It makes no difference whether it’s a long, steep climb, a technical descent, or a short, powerful sprint—his talents shine bright everywhere.

Kristian‘s talent and skill goes beyond the bike. He fluently speaks three languages and holds a Master of Arts degree. He has been a professional mountain biker since 2005 and holds a long list of many remarkable accomplishments. The list includes his European Championship title from 2012, fourth place at the 2013 Marathon World Championship, third place at the 2013 Marathon European Championship, and most recently, his victory at Cape Epic in 2014.



  • 1. Place Riva del Garda
  • 1. Place Stairs of Prague
  • 2. Place ABSA Cape Epic


  • 1. Place ABSA Cape Epic
  • 2. Place Stairs of Prague
  • 3. Place Dolomiti Superbike


  • 1. Place Dolomiti Superbike
  • 1. Place Alpentour Trophy
  • 4. Place World Championship

On the Edge

Topeak-Ergon Racing Team at the Cape Epic

“For me, the most important thing is to stay humble.“