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CF3 Pro Carbon Setback

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CF3 Pro Carbon Setback

Killing road buzz! The CF3 Pro Carbon seat post with 25mm of setback presents a comfort innovation by using a two parallel leaf springs and bushing equipped pivots to soak up road vibrations. The saddle moves backwards in a arc motion, with the help of the carbon suspension beams (VCLS Technology). The highly sensitive carbon beams retain that ‘direct road bike’ feel. Two setbacks options and saddle angle adjustment are easily made during installation.

This Product is not available in the US and Canada.
Price $ 299.95 (Without VAT**)
€ 199,95 (With VAT**)

Technical Specifications

CF3 Pro Carbon Setback
Road Bike
220 g*
Designed for Round Saddle Rails (Ø 7 mm)
27.2 mm
Carbon Fiber Composite
$ 299.95 (Without VAT**)
€ 199,95 (With VAT**)

*Weights may vary in production. **Price can vary by country.

A Genuine Comfort Revolution

When you hit a bump in the road the result is the bike being propeled upward. To combat this undesired reults, the seatpost flexes in the opposite direction (refer to image) allowing the bump to neutralize. This is more efficient than a traditional suspension seat post.
The floating pivot Flip Head prevents the saddle angle from changing as the post compresses. The Flip Head can be rotated for increased adjustment allowing for more or less setback. VCLS Carbon Fiber Composite is used in the springs for a defined flex.