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GD1 Factory frozen stealth

Ergon introduces the first MTB Gravity Grip with tapered grip shape (patent pend.) which features more damping in the outer area of the grip and a slim inner diameter. The unique rubber compound, manufactured in Germany, offers adhesive and rebound properties which have never been seen before in a bicycle grip. The grip feeling is soft, but still very defined and precise. The surface profile provides the hands with optimal grip and reduced gripping force. The slim inner stop additionally improves fast positioning of the hand. The high-strength aluminum inner clamp keeps the grip twist-proof, even on carbon handlebars. With an inner-diameter of 30mm and outer-diameter of 32mm, the GD1 Factory has, in comparison to the GD1 Slim Factory, more damping characteristics and is recommended for riders with glove size L/XL (8,5 – 10,5) or riders who prefer a normal grip thickness.
Price $ 34.95(Without VAT**)
€ 34,95(With VAT**)

Technical Specifications

GD1 Factory
Downhill, Freeride, Gravity Disciplines
120 g*
Aluminium / CNC Machined
Factory Custom Rubber
$ 34.95(Without VAT**)
€ 34,95(With VAT**)

*Weights may vary in production. Weight per pair. **Price can vary by country.

Tapered grip shape

  1. High-tensile inner clamp made of aluminum
  2. Tapered grip shape—more external damping, slimmer inner diameter
  1. Inner stop improves orientation while gripping
  2. Top: Anti-slip zone profile
  3. Interchangeable end plugs
  4. Bottom: Minimum gripping force needed when pulled